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Friday’s Farm Fotos for May 27

May 27, 2011

Another week on the farm, and another week with tornadoes skipping around us.  Fortunately, these were baby-sized compared to the mega monsters that went through this area a month ago.  Aside from losing more shingles off the roof, and a few smaller limbs down, we didn’t have any damage.

Except, I really do wonder about our roof after the last couple of storms.  Yesterday I picked up a shingle out of the front yard.  This morning I found one down by the pond.  Makes me wonder what shape our roof is in.  Kind of hate to find out though…. a good friend who had a lot more tornado damage got an estimate to replace their roof… and wow!  Around $15,000!!!

I believe I’ll think about non-storm-damage stuff instead.  Like the fact our Rosebay Rhododendron is blooming.

picture of rosebay rhododendron

Rhododendron maximum

It isn’t growing very quickly, but every year it has more blooms than the year before, so I guess that’s progress!

Of course, a whole lot of other things are blooming now also, including the rose bushes.  The rambler blooms have come and gone, and the climbing roses about the same.  However, the tea roses still have blooms, like this one:

picture of Country Lady Rose blooms

Country Lady Rose

The Farmer has put up chicken wire fencing around his garden to keep out chickens, guineas and hopefully rabbits!

picture of fence around garden

Fencing out the critters!

How do you like our bright blue gate?  That bit of improvisation was my idea.  It’s the ‘skirting table’ I used to use when cleaning fleeces before selling them.  I painted it bright blue because that happened to be the color paint we had on hand that would waterproof the wood.

Of course, The Farmer left one end of the dug up garden dirt for a chicken spa.

picture of chickens dust bathing

A little dust bathing at Kings Keep Chicken Spa

They were all fluffing their feathers in the dirt until they saw me and decided to move on.  Maybe they are embarrassed to be caught bathing? 

The guineas do their share of dust bathing also, but they can also be found scrounging around under the bird feeder. 

picture of squirrel and two guinea fowl birds

Guess who's coming to dinner?

The squirrels also like to look around in the grass and see if they can find any sunflower seeds.  This one is watching for his (her?) chance to jump down and check things out.

picture of squirrel on tree stump

Ready, set... okay, just a minute!

Other entertainment this week included watching a bonfire down the road at the neighbors farm.  They cultivate a lot of fields, and grow a lot of sweet potatoes.  They store them in big wooden pallet boxes, and evidently some of the boxes were past their prime and they decided to burn them up.

picture of bonfire burning at night

One huge fire. . .


Unfortunately, it’s hard to get a good perspective on just how big this fire really was since there’s nothing nearby to compare it to.  When The Cave Geek got home from work, he came in to ask if we knew something big was on fire.  We went out and looked, and it looked like someone’s house was burning.  It was a relief to see it was just a bunch of old wooden boxes!

And that’s the news from around the farm this week!

Friday’s Farm Fotos

April 15, 2011

Another quick post!  I’m trying to finish up the main part of a writing project today!  So here are a few pictures from around the farm this week. . .

We are getting more and more iris blooms in the flower bed around the big oak tree in the front yard.

picture of purple iris bloom

Purple is one of my favorite colors.

At this time of year, it’s easier to see how far up in the oak tree by the end of our driveway that the rambling rose has climbed.  The leaves of the rambler come out before the tree leaves.  Even at that, it’s kind of hard to show up in a picture, since there are so many trees in the background.

Picture of rambler in tree

It's way up there!

It’s pretty impressive when it blooms, but it’s one of those sights that somehow just translate well into a picture.

Nearby, our two dogwood trees are in bloom.  One has the traditional white blooms, and one if a “red” dogwood.

picture of red dogwood blooms

Spring brings dogwood blooms!

The honeysuckle is also blooming, which the hummingbirds love!

picture of Alabama Crimson Tide Honeysuckle blooms

Alabama Crimson Tide Honeysuckle

 Of course, what with everything blooming and producing pollen, there is a lot of stuff clogging up the gutter.  Big clumps of stuff falls out of the trees and lands in the gutters and on plants below.

picture of nandina bamboo

Clumps of tree "pollen" stuff on nandina bamboo.

The sheep are enjoying all this nice, lush spring grass.

pictue of sheep laying in grass

A nice green bed.

And of course, you can also hear the sounds of springs.  The frogs are getting very noisy, both in the pond and in the bog area of the bottom pasture.  The bullfrogs lend a deep bass note, while the smaller frogs put in a tenor note.

picture of frog on edge of pond

Waiting for the next song. . .

And of course, there are the storms of spring… we have a big thunderstorm happening right now, and I have the television on in the living room so if there are storm warnings I’ll hear them.  (I don’t usually think to do that, but The Farmer admonished me this morning before he went off to work to pay attention to the weather warnings….)

It’s a normal springtime.  I miss the lambs and goat kids we used to have, but not the work, or the heartbreak when one dies.

Hope you are enjoying spring wherever you are (unless of course you’re ‘down under’, then .. happy fall!)

Friday’s Farm Fotos

April 8, 2011

Another week has slipped right by.  Spring is in residence most of the time, although old man winter rousts her out now and then for a light frost or some nippy weather.  But flowers are blooming and birds are nesting and the peacocks are screaming, so it must really be spring!

I saw the first iris blooming in the flowerbed around a big oak tree in our front yard. . .

picture of iris

And the Solomon Seal is starting to put out little dainty bells of bloom . . .

picture of solomon's seal

The Farmer saw some of the pond denizens out enjoying the warmer weather . . .

picture of water turtle

Turtle at the edge of our pond.

The frogs are also hopping all over the place.  I guess they’re just hoppy!

picture of frog in water

A Frog peeking at The Farmer

Another day I saw a bunch of the chickens congregating in the evening.  I’m not sure if it was a chicken conversation or a conversation of chickens.

picture of chickens

Hen Party

It’s not exactly a hen party, because too many roosters are attending this event.

They’re not the only ones who hand out together. Here’s a line-up of the happy hoofers. . .

picture of animals in field

ewe, ewe, llama, ewe, goat. . .

And now I must get back to work.  I am determined to finish up this book project!

Friday’s Farm Fotos

March 4, 2011

I’ve been pretty busy lately with a writing project, so haven’t posted much here.  I thought this would be a good time to do a photo round-up of pictures from around the farm this week.

Monday we had a thunderstorm with heavy rain and a tornado watch.  I watched but I didn’t see anything, thankfully.  Just lots of rain that came down in a hurry and made puddles and streams in the backyard…

picture of back yard with heavy rain

Rain and puddles and streams, oh my!

We did have some pretty strong winds, even if there was no tornado in evidence.  You can see how the birdfeeder is swinging in the wind in this picture. . .

picture of birdfeeder in wind

That's one swinging feeder!

Once it stopped raining, Toby and I walked down the road towards the creek.  He decided it would be fun to wade through the floodwater running over the road.

picture of dog walking on flooded road

Guess a little water never hurt anybody.

The next day it was bright and sunny and showing signs of spring all over the place.  The miniature daffodils are blooming around the big oak tree in the front yard.

picture of yellow flowers

A nice splash of color instead of rain!

I noticed the wildflowers are making an appearance also, like this dandelion and violet.

picture of dandelion and violet

Purple & Gold!

Those colors would have been good when I was going to high school, since our school colors were purple and gold!

I especially enjoy the quince bush blooms.

picture of quince bloom

An early bloomer.

I can remember the quince bush that grew by our steps going down the hill where I grew up.  This is part of that bush.

And last, we have a stark reminder of what happens when The Farmer decides to trim things:

picture of bare crepe myrtle

Crepe Myrtle Stubs

He decided instead of having crepe myrtle trees they could be tall bushes.  Guess we’ll see how they react to such drastic pruning!

And that’s the way it is around the farm.  Have a great weekend!

Upon reflection. . .

February 16, 2011

I took this picture recently…

picture of pond reflection

Tree Portrait

Kind of looks like a painting, doesn’t it?  Well, it hasn’t been Photoshopped with any special effects.  I will confess, however, that I flipped it vertically, and the picture is actually upside-down.

Yep, it’s a picture of a reflection in our pond of some nearby trees.

You can tell it’s a reflection easier in this picture.

picture of pond reflection of trees

Tree Reflection

Same deal, no photoshopping, I just flipped the photo.  But you can see some of the weeds along the bank of the pond along the top of the picture.

I like checking out the pond this time of year.  There’s no algae clouding up the water, and it’s easy to see the bottom.

Checking out the pond bottom.

Of course, there’s all those leaves on the bottom from the now bare trees reflected in the water.  And the lousy sweetgum balls!  At least I can’t step on them if they are on the bottom of the pond.

Guess I’ll just reflect on that.

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