Friday’s Farm Fotos

April 15, 2011

Another quick post!  I’m trying to finish up the main part of a writing project today!  So here are a few pictures from around the farm this week. . .

We are getting more and more iris blooms in the flower bed around the big oak tree in the front yard.

picture of purple iris bloom

Purple is one of my favorite colors.

At this time of year, it’s easier to see how far up in the oak tree by the end of our driveway that the rambling rose has climbed.  The leaves of the rambler come out before the tree leaves.  Even at that, it’s kind of hard to show up in a picture, since there are so many trees in the background.

Picture of rambler in tree

It's way up there!

It’s pretty impressive when it blooms, but it’s one of those sights that somehow just translate well into a picture.

Nearby, our two dogwood trees are in bloom.  One has the traditional white blooms, and one if a “red” dogwood.

picture of red dogwood blooms

Spring brings dogwood blooms!

The honeysuckle is also blooming, which the hummingbirds love!

picture of Alabama Crimson Tide Honeysuckle blooms

Alabama Crimson Tide Honeysuckle

 Of course, what with everything blooming and producing pollen, there is a lot of stuff clogging up the gutter.  Big clumps of stuff falls out of the trees and lands in the gutters and on plants below.

picture of nandina bamboo

Clumps of tree "pollen" stuff on nandina bamboo.

The sheep are enjoying all this nice, lush spring grass.

pictue of sheep laying in grass

A nice green bed.

And of course, you can also hear the sounds of springs.  The frogs are getting very noisy, both in the pond and in the bog area of the bottom pasture.  The bullfrogs lend a deep bass note, while the smaller frogs put in a tenor note.

picture of frog on edge of pond

Waiting for the next song. . .

And of course, there are the storms of spring… we have a big thunderstorm happening right now, and I have the television on in the living room so if there are storm warnings I’ll hear them.  (I don’t usually think to do that, but The Farmer admonished me this morning before he went off to work to pay attention to the weather warnings….)

It’s a normal springtime.  I miss the lambs and goat kids we used to have, but not the work, or the heartbreak when one dies.

Hope you are enjoying spring wherever you are (unless of course you’re ‘down under’, then .. happy fall!)

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