Fowl Spring

March 5, 2010

It’s March and even when the weather doesn’t cooperate, the fowl – both wild and domestic, think it’s spring time.

I see wild birds out courting and building nests.  A pair of bluebirds were rummaging around in the old garden area looking for nesting materials.


See anything you like?

One of the local cardinal girls tried to give them some advice.

Eastern Bluebirds (Sialia sialis) and female Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)

"Are you looking for good building materials?"

Then one of the cardinal dudes decided to help them out.

Pair of bluebirds and male cardinal.

"Okay kids, here's the best way to gather materials."

Evidently he was a little too pushy, because the female bluebird decided to just up and leave.

Pair of bluebirds with cardinal.

"That's it!..I've heard enough."

She eventually came back in time for one of the roosters to wander by and check out what they were doing.

Rooster and bluebirds.

"Well, they haven't got anything to crow about!"

And speaking of nothing to crow about. . . since the days are getting longer, another fowl fact is we’re starting to get more eggs.  This morning I was making some scrambled eggs and used up the last two store-bought eggs.  (EGG-LAND’S BEST!  ALL NATURAL!)

Store eggs vs. farm eggs

Mass produced eggs are a pale imitation of REAL free range eggs.

Well, they may be Egg-land’s best, but those mass produced type of eggs don’t compare with our little farm’s truly free-ranging chicken eggs.  Look at the difference in color between the store-bought eggs, and the rich color of an egg from one of our chickens.

Yep, those store eggs are just a pale imitation.

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