Butterfly Rescue

September 20, 2010

I’m thinking of getting a lifeguard certification. Except for I don’t really want to be doing the mouth-to-mouth thing on the creatures I rescue. That would be pretty hard on something as little as today’s pool catch anyway.

photo of black butterfly floating in pool water

"Help, help! I'm all wet and I can't get out!"

I practiced the finger-lift rescue operation this time.

photo of butterfly

"It's a miracle! I'm saved!"

I took the butterfly over in the sunshine to let it warm up a little and dry its’ wings.

photo of butterfly resting on person's hand

"Sunshine, beautiful sunshine, there is sunshine on my wings today!"

But you know, a lifeguard’s duties only extend so far, and I couldn’t stand around all day holding this butterfly while its wings dried. So I figured I’d put it somewhere else to finish drying off.

And what could be more appropriate than to put a Black Swallowtail Butterfly onto a Black Knight Butterfly Bush?

photo of butterfly on butterfly bush

Food, warmth and sunshine... what more could a butterfly ask for?

So there I left it, a little bedraggled to be sure, but it’s got all the amenities a butterfly could wish for!

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