Blooming Butterflies

June 22, 2010

Our butterfly bushes are blooming.  That means we get butterflies flitting about, hooray!  They’re one of my favorite things to see in the yard, along with hummingbirds and lightning bugs.  And bluebirds and cardinals.  And… anyway, I like butterflies.

And I love to take pictures of butterflies.  Only here, my camera lets me down.  I confess, I lusted for this Canon PowerShot SX10IS.  It has a 20X zoom!  That part is great.  What’s bad, is it doesn’t focus worth… crap.  A great many times my subject has wandered out of the shot by the time the camera decides to focus on something.  It especially hates to focus on red.

At first I thought it was me just getting used to a new camera.  But no, sorry to say but it’s the camera.  I can fix me not knowing how to do something.  I can’t fix a camera that doesn’t want to focus but occasionally.

However!  I wanted it, I got it, and now I just try to work with it.  And all that to say, these pictures aren’t as good as I’d hoped, but … here they are…

Just hanging around...


Way up in the sky, the butterflies fly...


Enjoying the sunshine and nectar.


Can't be still!


Upside Down Restaurant


Getting a cool drink in the shade.

These next couple of pictures aren’t butterflies.  The first is actually a type of Sphinx moth.  These moths are sometimes mistaken for a hummingbird or bumblebee…

Snowberry Clearwing Moth (Hemaris diffinis)

They move and flit around like a hummingbird, so I can see how they could be mistaken for one.  This particular species looks more like a bumblebee though.

And last for today, as I went back to the house I kept hearing this squeaky noise around the porch somewhere.  At first I thought it was a mouse, but no, here is what I found. . .

Five new baby birds!

It’s round two of baby birds in this same nest!

And that’s the way it is around our little farm in the very HOT south (high 90s all this week).

Time for a cool drink…

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