Back from the vet. . .

September 23, 2010

Yes, it was that time again. Toby needed his annual shots. So off we went to the vet.  Except for the doing wasn’t near as easy as the telling. Toby is a farm dog so the only time he leaves the place is to go to the vet. Once a year. Hmmmm…

I figured we’d have trouble getting him into the vet’s office. What I did NOT expect was that he wouldn’t want to get in the truck. I don’t remember having such trouble getting him into the truck before, but then, it has been over a year.

At any rate, when cajoling, commands and food bribery all failed, eventually I lifted the front end and the Cave Geek got the back end, and we got him lifted up into the truck enough so that he scrambled in the rest of the way.

Happily, he was actually eager to go into the vet’s office. (Maybe he remembers she has treats?) As long as he could explore and come over for a pet now and then, he was happy.

photo of dog

"Pet me, pet me!"

He wasn’t too thrilled about the second shot, however.  He squirmed around and knocked the needle out… I had to get a firmer grip and the vet got it all in the next go round.

And he actually lost 5 pounds!  As many treats as he eats, I was afraid he’d have gained weight.

Must be all that chasing rabbits (he never catches).

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