“What Doesn’t Belong?” Contest Winner

June 12, 2009

All right people, it’s Friday, and I said I’d announce the contest winner today!

For all of you who looked and looked and couldn’t find the “thing that doesn’t belong” in the first picture, I’ll admit, that one was difficult.  All you could see was the top of her head and one eyeball peering over a picture.   Here’s a closer view, with the culprit clearly marked.

There's parrot hiding in the picture!

Yes, the thing that didn’t belong was our ornery little parrot, who took a notion in her head to fly in there one day.

I figured when I gave the clue of:

There are three of these things in the picture.  Only one is real. .

. . that it would make it easier to figure out, since there were two fake parrots in the picture, while number three was real.

3 Parrots In A Picture (2 fake, 1 real)

And of course, you can see more of the REAL parrot in this picture than you could in the first picture!

What Doesn't Belong? The Silly Parrot!

So there you have it, the thing that didn’t belong was the REAL parrot.  She’s not exactly part of the racing memorabilia, family pictures or fake bird stuff.  Okay, so the peacock feathers are real, but they’re no longer attached to the live bird!  The parrot was the only LIVE thing in the picture.

As for the winner, well, some sent emails and some commented.  However, it was Amy over at Amy’s Corner who was once again the speediest to reply with the correct answer.

Congratulations Amy! Send me an email and let me know if you want a picture or a magnet.

If you missed out this time, stay tuned!  Something else crazy will happen around here, or I’ll otherwise come up with an idea for another contest.  You’ll have another chance!

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