Update From The Farm

April 6, 2012

Time keeps on marching, and here we are in April!  Good Friday, with the Easter weekend coming up.

Around here we don’t have anything special planned.  Some of the family, however, is spending Easter in Paris.


Paris of course!

That being my oldest son and his wife. Poor kids, all alone in Paris…. yeah, right! You’d think they could have tucked me in a suitcase and taken me along, ha, ha!

Back on the farm where we attend to more mundane matters, The Farmer cut down all the weeds in the back pasture.

The only bad part about that is the fact that now we can see the housing development all too clearly!! I liked it much better when that land was part of a farm and planted in crops.

The trees are throwing out pollen by the bushel, my fig tree has baby figs already, and lots of plants are in bloom.  That includes our “Resurrection Bush”.

blooms on variegated weigela

Technically, that’s a Variegated Weigela, but we call it our Resurrection Bush because I dug up the bush before we sold our last house and moved, and when I planted it here The Farmer declared I was wasting my time because that bush was dead, dead, DEAD.

So every spring when it blooms, I say, “Look honey! My dead bush is blooming!”

And speaking of Resurrection…. check this out….

shetland sheep ewes

The darker-colored ewe on the left is none other than Papaya, the sheep I thought sure was going to die a couple of weeks ago.  She seems to be doing pretty well now, with the exception of obvously having trouble seeing well.  She has a tendency to run into things.

And that’s the update from the farm.   Have a happy Resurrection Sunday / Easter!
(Or Passover, or just have a great week-end!)

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