The Latest In Goat Jewelry

February 3, 2012

That would be jewelry for goats we’re talking about here, not jewelry for people that has little goats on it.  Just so we’re clear on this.

Here’s the deal.  Apparently our little doe, Cinnamon, decided she needed a dangly sort of earring.

picture of goat

Now how she managed to get this “earring” is beyond my imagining. I mean, exactly HOW did she manage to get a twig poked clear through one of her ears? And how did I not hear her when she did it, if she squealed anything like goats usually do when you do something to them? I mean, have you ever put a tag in a goat’s ear? They can get a tremendous amount of volume from a relatively small set of lungs!

But there it was, a twig with one end poked clean through her ear:

goat picture

I repeat, I haven’t got a clue how she managed such a thing.  Goats are pretty ingenious at getting into trouble, but this is a new one, even for Cinnamon!

I was all for ridding her of her jewelry, but she had other ideas. She has that tingly goat sense that lets her know when you want to DO SOMETHING TO HER. And she becomes very wary and will not let you get close, no matter how much you try to entice her with treats.  You can practically see her thinking, “Yeah, I know you’re trying to pull a fast one on me.  No way, no how am I getting close to YOU!”

So there we were.  Cinnamon all fashionable with her new earring and me wanting to pull it out and put medicine on the wound.

picture of goat

The upshot was since she wasn’t buying into any of my gambits to get her where I could get hold of her, I figured I’d have to wait until I put the animals up for the night and fed them, or  The Farmer came home from work and could help me.

However, some time during the day, she managed to catch her fancy earring on something and got it jerked out.  It doesn’t seem to have caused any problems, so even though she’s a little less fashionable now, she’s doing fine.

Goats can get in the craziest predicaments!

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