The Honest Scrap Award

July 2, 2009

I’m a little behind on just about everything these days. Okay, I’m a whole LOT behind. I’d like to say that’s unusual, but it seems to be the usual instead. I just seem to have more to do than I can keep up with, but no way to cut back on what I’m doing just yet.

Plus we’ve been to West Virginia and back recently, and yesterday we just got back from a 4-hour trip to the Atlanta, Georgia, area so I could visit the Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Clinic near there. Mix in the fact we all have a summer cold that just won’t let go (the parrot has even taken to imitating us coughing, she’s heard it so much), andit’s just been crazy around here.

Anyway, moving on, I’d like to say THANKS to CeeCee at “My Little Bit Of Heaven” for giving me the Honest Scrap Award!

Honest Scrap Award

The idea of The Honest Scrap award is to:

“List 10 things about you that many people don’t know about, but are true.”

Hmmmmm, something that most people don’t know. . . well, here goes!

  1. I used to like to cook. Now it’s just one more distraction, one more thing to have to worry about, while I’m trying to reach other goals.
  2. I got what must have been a spider bite over 4 weeks ago, and it still isn’t totally healed up.
  3. My grandfather wanted me to show horses, but I hated it. I loved working with horses, but I’m too introverted to enjoy being in front of people in a horse show. He finally declared I was “a better hand with horses than anyone he knew” but realized I wasn’t meant to be in the ring showing horses. My little sister took over that department.
  4. While I was in high school, I worked two summers as a “recreation aide” at a home for the ‘developmentally disabled’.
  5. I believe that becoming part of a step-family does not automatically generate real relatives. (Very short explanation why: I think you have to work at it and grow into it, and even then, you won’t always have the same relationship the strict legal outlook might say, especially when you haven’t grown up with said step-relatives.)
  6. One of my favorite occupations as a kid was going off by myself and hunting fossils.
  7. When I was a kid I fell onto our burn pile where there were some smoldering catalogs and ended up with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on the side of my right leg (long story how I managed that in the first place).
  8. For several years I made machine-knitted neck scarves, toboggans, and Cabbage Patch Doll clothes for Santa’s Workshop.
  9. I don’t play any card games except Uno. Period. (Another long story.)
  10. I worked as a night supervisor at a small hospital to earn my PHT (Put HubbieThrough, in case you’re not familiar with that, as in working while putting first husband through college). Turns out it was a waste of time. . . (yep, another long story!)

Okay, that’s the first ten things I could think of.

As for the other guidelines for the Honest Scrap Award – if anyone reading this would like to jump in and put an Honest Scrap on their blog, I’ll be happy to link to you if you let me know!

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