The Farmer & Friends

March 12, 2013

This past weekend The Farmer was out doing chores.  Whenever he stops to rest, he gets company.  Usually it’s our farm collie, Toby, bugging him for a pet.  Lately, however, the neighbor’s dog has gotten in on the act.

pic of man, dog and cat

That’s our “other dog” also moving in to try for a pet. We call Spot the Cat our other dog because he acts a lot like one. He follows us around like a dog does and he’s been known to play fetch. Hence, our “other dog.”

The Farmer has another friend he likes to commune with when he is outside. I didn’t get a picture of them this past weekend, but here’s one from the summer past. . .

pic of man and llama

Yes, he and our llama, Keira, like to bug each other.  She sidles up to him and pushes him, or sticks her nose in his face, and he pretends like he’s going to climb on and take a ride.

pic of man and llama

She pretends like she is going to spit on him… which the only time she actually does is when her hormones are out of whack when she’s pregnant.  Seriously, she’s like a different animal then.  Most of the time she’s the sweetest, albeit nosiest, llama you ever saw, but when she is pregnant all bets are off and you’d best steer clear unless you want a face full of foul-smelling green goo!

Of course, The Farmer’s best friend on the Farm is … well, who else, but man’s best friend, his dog!??

picture of man and farm collie

He follows Jess everywhere. Of course, he’s usually got a stick of some size in his mouth at the same time. It can be anything from a tiny little toothpick sized twig, up to a log he can barely drag. Or, as in this picture, an old board he found somewhere.

If I want to know where The Farmer is, all I have to do is look for the dog.  If Toby is sitting outside the workshed, it’s a sure bet The Farmer is inside.   The dog may not be right beside The Farmer, but you can bet he’s in spitting distance!  If it’s hot outside, Toby will go lay in the shade while The Farmer toils in the hot sun in the garden or mowing grass.  (He may be man’s best friend, but he’s not stupid, ha!)

One thing for sure, The Farmer should never feel lonely when he’s outside working!

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