Chicken Hutch And Awesome Chicken Coops!

March 14, 2013

Window shopping in your own home is great fun, and next to seed catalogs, my favorite catalogs are for farm supplies.  Some of the catalogs we get are for people with seriously big farms, but there are still some neat things in there that people with a small farm like ours can use.

One of the catalogs we got recently is from FarmTek, which has all kinds of neat stuff. Of course, being on a chicken coop kick lately, I decided to see what they had available.

They have all kinds of goodies for the farm, not just chicken hutches for sale!  Some of the categories include:

  • Ag & Growing Supplies (including cold frames, greenhouses, netting & more)
  • Cooling, Ventilation & Heating Supplies
  • Building Materials
  • Livestock Supplies
    –  Fodder Systems
    – Poultry Equipment
    – Livestock Fencing
    – Farm Pest Control, and more
  • Fabric Buildings & Storage

That’s just an overall list of what they have… it’s incredible all the things you can buy!

More Cool Chicken Coops

As I said earlier, I’ve been keen on looking at chicken koops lately, so I zeroed in on those.  Some of them are similar to others I’ve seen, but I kind of like this little Chick-N-Barn —


They have a Chick-N-Penicon that will connect onto the little barn, and give the chickens some protected space to roam.


The Ultimate Chicken Hutch!

But while I like the little barn and some of the other chicken koops they have available, the offering that really made my eyes bug out was what they call the ClearSpan™ Chick-Inn Chicken Hutchicon :


Oh my word, it looks like a spa for chickens!

Well, actually, it looks like a wonderful chicken tractor.  They sell these chicken hutches in different sizes:

  • 8′ x 8′
  • 10′ x 10′
  • 14’W x 12’L
  • 14’W x 18’L
  • 14’W x 24’L

The one is the picture is the  14′ wide by 12′ long version.  The prices range from a little over $1,300 to over $2,600 for the biggest one, but the frame is made from 14-gauge structural steel tubing, so looks like they are pretty sturdy structures!

They advertise it as:

A healthy and safe environment that allows free-range exercise, safe from predators. Let the sun shine in… abundance of natural light ensures better egg production and healthier birds.

I know I am experiencing a certain greenness, often associated with envy, when looking at this contraption.  It really would be great for someone who couldn’t let their chickens free range because of predators, or restrictions where they live.

It would even be a great way to let different batches of chickens take turns being outside in a bigger enclosure, if for instance you were raising different breeds and didn’t want them to cross-breed.

It continues to amaze me the different housing options that are available these days as chicken hutches, coops and runs!


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