Friday’s Farm Fotos

August 20, 2010

The Fridays keep coming around way too fast!  My weeks never seem to be long enough to get everything done I want to get done.  Oh well! 

At any rate, here are a few pictures from around our little farm this past week.  I’m just putting them up in the order they came out of the camera!

I saw this critter one day as I was walking back from the mailbox.

green frog

A haven from the snakes?

Maybe he was just looking for some sunshine, or maybe he figured out it was a good place to keep an eye on any snakes hanging around.

There are still lots of Eastern Swallowtail Butterflies hanging around on the Joe Pye weed.

yellow and black butterflies

Butterfly Cafe

Here’s our silly lady llama getting a drink from the water hose while The Farmer tries to fill up one of the drinking pools.

black llama drinking water

Well water is nice and cold!

You can see Toby, the farm collie, in the background hoping The Farmer will turn around and spray water at him.  Keira wants sprayed too in this hot weather.

black lama

Shower Time!

And I can’t resist taking more pictures of butterflies when I walk by the pond and see them.  This one is a female Eastern Swallowtail Butterfly.

black butterfly

A sip of nectar by the pond.

It’s easy to tell the black ones are females, but harder to tell which yellow Swallowtails are male and which are female!

Here’s our female goat and a couple of ewe sheep hanging out under the big oak and walnut shade trees in the back yard.

goat and Shetland sheep

Shade tree air conditioning!

And lastly, here’s a Blue Jay I saw at the birdbath this morning.  I don’t often see them around close to the house.

Blue Jay at bird bath

Getting at drink at the local pub.

And there you have it, another week on the farm!

A Fowl Morning. . .

July 16, 2010

I usually take my camera out when I do chores.  This morning seemed to be one for fowl creatures.  First off, the little fluffball is still running around, hooray, hoorah!

*** CHICK OR KEET!!!! ***

It’s like trick or treat… is it a baby chicken or a baby guinea fowl… so it’s CHICK OR KEET!

One of the roosters was up on the gate getting ready for a morning crow.

rooster on gate

Buff Orpington - Sicilian Buttercup Mix Rooster

A cardinal was sitting in the tree above the rooster.  He seemed to be watching the rooster.  Maybe he thought he was a noisy show-off.

red bird

Hey Bud, could you tone it down a little?

And on the fence beside the gate, hiding in the honeysuckle foliage, was little half-grown bird.

half-grown bird

"Shhh, don't tell anyone I'm here. Especially the cat!"

I’m not sure what sort of bird it is since it’s so newly feathered, but it looks like it might be a Tufted Titmouse with all those gray feathers.

With so many kinds of fowl, they may not be birds of a feather around here, but there sure are a lot hanging around!

Some Rural Ramblings…

June 29, 2010

Sunday afternoon The Farmer decided  he wanted to show me the farms along one rural roads he travels on the way to work every week-day.  He told me not to forget my camera, and off we went.

Here’s the pictures from that trip, in the order I took them as we were driving down the road. . .

Lots of farmers have been baling hay.  When I was younger, it was all square bales.  Of course they really aren’t square, they’re rectangular… but anyway, I digress.

big round hay bales

They look rather like big jelly rolls. . .

In this part of the world, you see a lot of fields of cotton, soybeans and corn.  As you’re driving down the road, this particular combo has cotton in the first field, and corn in the field beside it.

Corn and cotton.

Cotton in the front, corn in the back.

Here’s a close-up of the cotton field… I like all the long, neat rows.

Cotton plants

"Oh, I wish I were in the land of cotton..."

It was just a beautiful summer day, if a trifle hot (high 90s).

fields, sky and clouds

Big fields and Big sky!

Did I mention a lot of farmers are baling hay?

hay, field, trees

No shortage of hay this year!

We went by a farm pond with a dead tree in it.

pond in field

Farm pond.

There was a vulture in the field beside the pond.

Vulture in field of cut grass.

I'm just sitting here: you can car-rion.

They’re not exactly the loveliest bird to see up close. . .

vulture bird

Looking for food in all the wrong places?

But they sure can fly!  Oh, and by the way… you DID notice more hay in the making in this field?

This fence line caught my eye.

Fenced in field.

There's more to this fence than first meets the eye.

Most of the fence isn’t that remarkable, but the corner post is decorated.

Patriotic sign on fencepost.

Signs of patriotism in the south!

And on that note, I’ll end for the day.  Check back tomorrow for part 2 of our Rural Ramblings!

Blooming Butterflies

June 22, 2010

Our butterfly bushes are blooming.  That means we get butterflies flitting about, hooray!  They’re one of my favorite things to see in the yard, along with hummingbirds and lightning bugs.  And bluebirds and cardinals.  And… anyway, I like butterflies.

And I love to take pictures of butterflies.  Only here, my camera lets me down.  I confess, I lusted for this Canon PowerShot SX10IS.  It has a 20X zoom!  That part is great.  What’s bad, is it doesn’t focus worth… crap.  A great many times my subject has wandered out of the shot by the time the camera decides to focus on something.  It especially hates to focus on red.

At first I thought it was me just getting used to a new camera.  But no, sorry to say but it’s the camera.  I can fix me not knowing how to do something.  I can’t fix a camera that doesn’t want to focus but occasionally.

However!  I wanted it, I got it, and now I just try to work with it.  And all that to say, these pictures aren’t as good as I’d hoped, but … here they are…

Just hanging around...


Way up in the sky, the butterflies fly...


Enjoying the sunshine and nectar.


Can't be still!


Upside Down Restaurant


Getting a cool drink in the shade.

These next couple of pictures aren’t butterflies.  The first is actually a type of Sphinx moth.  These moths are sometimes mistaken for a hummingbird or bumblebee…

Snowberry Clearwing Moth (Hemaris diffinis)

They move and flit around like a hummingbird, so I can see how they could be mistaken for one.  This particular species looks more like a bumblebee though.

And last for today, as I went back to the house I kept hearing this squeaky noise around the porch somewhere.  At first I thought it was a mouse, but no, here is what I found. . .

Five new baby birds!

It’s round two of baby birds in this same nest!

And that’s the way it is around our little farm in the very HOT south (high 90s all this week).

Time for a cool drink…

Friday’s Farm Fotos

May 28, 2010

I like to take pictures.  And I end up with so many pictures, I can’t do a post about each one.  So here we are again, with a smattering of pictures from around the farm this week.

Our little Tufted Titmouse parents are busily feeding those hungry mouths… ah… babies!

"I'm coming, I'm coming!"

The Brookside Geranium is blooming in the front flower bed.

Blue Blooms

There’s also bird nests in the attic over our den.  The screen must be rotten behind the louvered vent panels.  This is one of the parents in a walnut tree in the backyard.

Taking a rest from feeding baby birds.

I’m not sure what kind of bird this is, but we can sometimes hear the baby birds scrabbling around overhead in the den, and they can make quite a racket!

There is a Rosebay Rhododendron in bloom on the north side of the house. 

Rosebay Rhododendron (Rhododendron maximum)

It’s not a very big plant, but it’s grown a lot since I planted it.  At that time, it wasn’t much more than a little twig.

We’ve got summer weather already.  Well, at least it’s pretty warm, getting up to the high 80’s or low 90’s.  The sheep and llamas and dogs like to go lay under the shade of the big walnut and oak trees.

Trying to stay cool. . .

Meanwhile, one of the mama hens takes her baby chickens on to the sheep shed.

Walking through tall grass. . .

The shed is not only shady, but has lots of stuff to scratch around in and look for bugs and seeds and stuff.

Have a great week-end!