Still Snowy. . .

February 15, 2010

Okay, so we still have snow, and still getting more snow. Granted, around here it doesn’t usually last long. It often snows in the morning and the stuff is gone by the afternoon.

Three Shetland ewe sheep.

A little snow here, a little snow there. . .

Still, I’ve seen enough white stuff. We’re in the south. A little bit goes a long way.

Snow on white Shetland sheep ewe.

A dusting of snow on ewe.

Of course, I’m grateful we’re not getting dumped on like our relatives in West Virginia or Virginia and the D.C. area!!!  That’s way more snow than I want to handle these days!

Spring is coming. . . I just know it is… but to be the shortest month of the year, February sure seems to last a long time!

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