From snow to rain. . .

January 18, 2011

Yesterday it was warmer, so the snow mostly melted.  There was still some in shady places, but mostly, it got gone.  That’s good, because it was a little strange to see guineas on the windowsills.

picture of guinea fowl bird on windowsill

"Can I come in?"

I’m used to seeing cardinals, and English sparrows, and Tufted Titmice, and a lot of other wild birds, but I don’t usually see a dove sitting on the windowsill.

picture of dove looking in window

"Got anything to eat in there?"

I guess their usual feeding places were covered in snow. 

The chickens and the guineas hated the snow.  HATED it.  They didn’t want to get down and walk in it, so the chickens stayed in their roosting areas, and the guineas just flew from tree to tree, or to fenceposts.

picture of guinea sitting on fencepost after snow storm

"I am NOT getting down in that cold white stuff!"

Now they’re all out and about again, so things are back to normal.  Well, as normal as it ever gets around here.

So now after a beautiful sunset last night. . .

picture of sunset

Sunset on the farm.

We’ve got a dreary, rainy day.  But it’s warmer.  And the snow is almost all gone… still a little in those shady areas of the woods!

In the south, liquid precipitation is much, MUCH better than solid precipitation!!!

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