Quail Hatching Eggs

July 13, 2004

Quail Hatching Eggs. . .
Quail Hatching EggsLots of people like to raise gamebirds, and one of the popular types are quail.

You can buy chicks, or if you know someone nearby who raises quail, you might be able to buy some eggs from them.  Or perhaps you bought chicks or even adult quail, and they are now grown and laying eggs, and you want to try hatching some eggs in an incubator.

Whether you want to raise quail from eggs for your own use, or go into business of selling the quail, this article will give you some tips on how to take care of the eggs to get them to hatch out.

Bobwhite Quail Eggs

Bobwhite quail is the most commonly bred quail species in the world. Countless bobwhite quails are bred on farms to meet the ever-increasing demand for Bobwhite quail eggs worldwide. There are several websites over the Internet that sell eggs of bobwhite quail and even ship them to your destination. You must go through the various sites and compare their prices and offers. This way you will be able to select the best offers on the eggs.

Fully-grown bobwhite quail hens can lay more than 100 eggs per year. They can even lay more eggs if they are exposed to light for more than sixteen hours per day. The eggs are pure white in color. Eggs can be laid one each day. These eggs are more pointed compared to chicken eggs. Bobwhite quails are capable of producing large quantity of eggs. It is easy to raise them; they mix well and interbreed too. Hence, they are bred. Families in the business of selling this variety of quail eggs have farms and their generations carry on this activity. This has been going on for years.

Marketing: You must have your strategy in place if you wish to get into the business of hatching Bobwhite quail eggs. Few producers take orders for them even a year or two in advance.

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Humidity & Temperature: Hatching quail eggs keep the humidity of the machine to about 60 per cent for the initial 20 days. For the last three days you can raise the humidity to 75 per cent. If there is not enough humidity the eggs might just dry off and the embryos might not survive. And for the last 3 days if humidity is too low the chicks might get stuck in their own shells if they try to hatch.

When you hatch the bobwhite variety of quail eggs ensure that you maintain the temperature of the air incubator at 99.5°F or 102°F, if you have a still-air incubator. You must place the incubator in a room where temperature does not fluctuate too much and is more or less stable. If you keep them at the right temperature in 23 days you will have great bobwhite chicks.

Turning: You must turn the eggs thrice a day for good results. You can put some marking on the eggs that will help you turn them properly and will ensure equal incubation on both sides of the egg. Last three days of hatching you must not turn the eggs. So, you must stop turning the quail eggs from day 21. Few tips for hatching or purchasing Bobwhite quail eggs: • Buy from producers who are well known and reputed • The stocks you choose must have a decent egg production history • Hatched eggs must be more or less uniform in size. There should not be any cracks on them. • Chicks must be active, alert and perfectly normal. • Birds must be free of disease. • Check the birds if possible that they are uniform in color, size, shape, etc. and that they are normal.

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