And Neffie is another year older too!

June 14, 2010

I’m not sure how this came about, but both our dogs have birthdays in June, and right close to each other.

Today is Neffie’s 10th birthday.  That blows my mind!  I can’t believe we’ve had her almost 10 years!

Queen Nephele

She was just a scared little pup when we got her.  We drove all the way to Florida to get her, because I couldn’t find anyone closer with Maremma sheepdogs.

Here she is on her very first day here…

Everything is new and strange!

She is not a people dog.  She is strictly bonded to her charges, and is really only comfortable with the sheep and goats and llamas.  She was with goats the first few weeks of her life, and shows a preference for the company of goats even today.

That doesn’t keep her from protecting ALL the critters though.  She’s especially mindful of little ones, and sticks close when there are babies.

I’ve seen her face down a pack of dogs.  She’s tough.  Through all the years we’ve had her, she has been a great livestock guardian dog.

I’d love to see her here for another ten years, but I doubt I get that wish since the life expectancy of the breed is 10-14 years.  But she’s been here on the farm so long, I can’t imagine her NOT here.

Live long and prosper Neffie!

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