There’s More Than Bugs Bugging Me!

August 11, 2009

As it happens, bugs aren’t the only things bugging me lately.

Over the weekend, my internet went out.  This occurs more frequently than I’d like, mostly because we’re on the end of the line.  That’s one of the drawbacks to living in the country I’m afraid.  We’re on the end of our electric line, telephone line, tv cable and internet lines.

Our electricity can go out and we can look at those dratted new subdivisions around us, and their lights will still be on.  And if there’s an ice storm, forget electricity for a few days!  The lines will be fixed everywhere else before they get to us.  Fortunately, that’s a fairly rare occurrence around here.

Anyway, I spent over an hour trying to get hold of our internet company on Saturday.  First they want you to go through an automated system.  Plleaassee people, by now I know that if my internet went out, try resetting the modem by unplugging it from the power for a while!

And I REALLY get irritated when they get to the part about going to check and see if the tv’s are getting reception.  That rarely makes any difference.  If someone runs into a pole and knocks *everything* out, okay.  Otherwise, the tv will be working fine, but we’ll have no internet.

Even more frustrating is to get totally through the stupid automated system, get to a real, live person, and after they ask you for your phone number and get it. . . the line goes dead.  ARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

When I tried calling back I was informed there was “unusually high call volume” in our area, and there must be a problem, and if we still didn’t have internet in 4 hours, call again.

Well, guess what?  Four hours came and went and still no internet.

So I called again, and when I got a real, live person, I said, ‘DO NOT HANG UP ON ME AFTER I GIVE YOU MY PHONE NUMBER!!!!”  He was a bit taken aback, and told me if we were cut off, he’d call me back.  Yeah, that’s what I thought the LAST dude should have done, but he didn’t.

At any rate, he flipped a few switches from his end, told me unplug everything again, including all the routers, and we finally got the internet working.  To my desktop computer, that is, and my desktop only.

Whatever went wrong zapped the router.  I worked on it.  The Geek worked on it.  I tried using the set-up disk that came with it to reset everything.  Nothing worked.

Great.  So now I needed a new router.  Without one, the Cave Geek had no internet to his computer in the basement, and I couldn’t use my laptop either.  Bummer.

Well, fine then.  Sunday we went out and picked up a new router.  The Geek hooked it up, I ran the set-up disk, and BOOM!  We’ve got internet to all the computers again.

That made me happy, but the fates weren’t through with me yet.  Up pops an even worse pain in the posterior!  I got an email with an alert from one of my credit cards, telling me I’d spent about $300 on TracPhone that day.  Say what???

Yesterday I spent over an hour talking to TracPhone to get the charge taken off my credit card.  It took a long time, but they did finally agree to remove it.

If that had been the end of it, I might have figured it just was a mix-up with them, because we DO use TracPhone.  That I should be so lucky.  Nope, there came a second email with an alert for a charge of almost $200 to, which I had never heard of.

To make a long story short, somewhere along the line, someone got hold of my credit card information.  When I saw the second charge, I was on the phone to the credit card company canceling that card.  Which, by the way, took another hour or so, as I had to go through telling her what charges I was disputing and why I wanted that card canceled, and in the time I was talking to her, yet another alert came through saying I’d charged almost $850 to Dell Computers.

Oh wow, now I’m REALLY MAD!!!  I’ve been putting off buying a new laptop computer to replace my dinosaur, waiting until I’m making money and can justify it.  And then someone else steals my credit card info and BUYS A COMPUTER!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  That is soooooo wrong in sooooooo many ways!

One of the many things that really bugs me about all this is the fact I’m very careful with my credit card usage!  I make sure online I’m using secure check-outs.  I don’t order anything when on my laptop and using unsecured wi-fi.

So how did someone get my information?  Well, the only thing I did different was call a florist last week, and give them all that information over the phone so I could order some flowers for a funeral.  I’m thinking somewhere along the line, one of their employees grabbed the info, or someone went through their trash. . . whatever.

I find it ironic that it’s likely a phone call messed me up.  I rarely use the phone.  I’m addicted to snail mail and email.

I’m tired of things bugging me.  How about some quiet days with nothing untoward happening for a while please???

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