A Little More Rural Ramblings

June 30, 2010

Okay, to finish up with the pictures of our wheeled ramble through the nearby countryside…

Did I mention a lot of farmers have been putting up hay?

haybales in field

Ready for winter!

Even out in the cotton fields, you’ve got signs of civilization.  Those electric poles have got to get “from here to there”!

Electric poles

Through cotton fields, and over hills, the electric must get through!

We also saw a lot of old, derelict wooden barns.


Old wooden barn.

They were interspersed between fields of cotton and other crops.

Cotton Plants

We could be "walking through tall cotton"...

This is a truck sitting by one of the “pick your own” pumpkin patch farms around here. . .

farm truck

Not quite time for pumpkins I'm afraid!

But here in the south, you always come back to seeing more cotton. . .

cotton plants

Clouds and Cotton

The fields of cotton often stretch on as far as the eye can see.

And then another old, dilapidated barn will make an appearance. . .

old wood barn

Old Red Barn

Followed closely by an old white wooden barn. . .

old wooden barn

Still standing. . .

It was near another often grown crop here in the south that I forgot to mention.   Besides cotton, corn and soybeans, a lot of farmers around here grow sweet potatoes.

Field of Sweet Potatoes

LOTS of sweet potatoes!

And that concludes our foray around the nearby countryside!

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