Guinea Fowl At Sunset

November 3, 2009

Every evening the guinea hens and guinea keets come in to get a little feed.  They’re generally waiting for me about sunset, perched on gates and pallets.

Guinea hens and guinea keets perched on pallet.

As the light turns golden and night is coming on, there will be a BUNCH of them waiting for me.

Guinea hens and guinea keets perched on pallets.

When they see me, they start fluttering their wings and getting ready to fly down off their perch.  You can see one in the left front testing its wings (enlarge the picture and you can see it better!).

Guinea hens and guinea keets at sunset.

Pretty soon the guinea keets are taking that short flight down off their perches.  They sometimes do it in stages, from the highest perch to the next lower down, then onto the ground.

Guinea keets flying to lower perch.

More and more of them get into the act, cause they sure don’t want to get left behind!

Guinea keets flying.

They’ll get their share of the cracked corn I’ve thrown out.

Guinea hen and guinea keets eating cracked corn.

Then they’ll start another migration, looking for a place to roost for the night.  This bunch is roosting inside the sheep shed.  Most of them ran under the gate, but this one decided to perch on top of the gate for a while.

Guinea keet perched on gate at sunset.

The sun was getting pretty low by the time they got in the shed to find their places.  They flew up onto their favorite spot.  The sun really glinted off the ones in flight.

Guinea hens and guinea keets flying up to roost near nightfall.

It didn’t take them long to get settled in and ready for the night.

Guinea hens and guinea keets roosting.

As the keets keep getting bigger, the guinea hens may decide to go back to roosting high up in the trees in the back yard.  However, the sheep shed is a pretty good spot because our dogs don’t bother them, but they are smack dab in the middle of the area our Maremma LGD (livestock guardian dog) patrols at night.

Than means they can sleep tight, and no predators bite.

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