Frog Bathroom Decor

October 14, 2010

Now you probably think I’m talking about accessories for the bathroom, and maybe I am. But not this kind of accessory exactly:

No, our frog bathroom decor is a little different.

It’s like this, once in a while I have trouble sleeping, and last night was one of those times. It was 3am the last time I looked at the clock. So when I got up and went to the bathroom, my eyes and the rest of me weren’t functioning too well.

But here’s what I saw when I walked in the bathroom:

picture of frog in bathroom

I'm just seeing things, right?

I thought maybe my eyes weren’t focusing properly yet, because surely that little lump at the end of the old shower rug wasn’t what I thought it was!

So I looked a little closer. . .

picture of frog in bathroom

Frog Bathroom Decor - the REAL thing!

And sure enough, our very own real live frog bathroom decor!

Now how in the world that little critter got in our bathroom, I have NO idea.  It’s a long way from an outside door, and the window hasn’t been opened in ages.  It also seems like it would be a very long way to crawl up a drain.

But however it got there, I really did see a little frog in our bathroom!

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