Cruising Glacier Bay

September 20, 2008

The best cruising was the time spent in Glacier Bay. Did you know Glacier Bay is a national park? Further, it is a World Heritage Site, “the principal recognition given to natural and cultural areas of universal significance.” The only way to reach it is by boat or plane.

When a cruise ship enters Glacier Bay they take on at least one Park Ranger, who gives a running commentary on what there is to see.

Obviously, there are glaciers. Since these touch water, they are all “Tidewater Glaciers.” The park includes around 12 that calve into the bay. That was the downside to our time in Glacier Bay; we didn’t see any glaciers calve.

I got lots of pictures of glaciers.  Lots of water and ice and wildlife.  It’s hard to convey the real beauty of the place and how awesome such big glaciers are with these little bitty pictures.

Clicking on the picture above opens the slideshow.  Take a look at the captions on the thumbnails before enlarging them.  For some reason the captions didn’t carry over.

Have I mentioned I’d love to go back?

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