Cruising Glacier Bay

More Adventures in Alaska

Headed into Glacier Bay...
As you can see, a very cloudy day!

Snow and Clouds
The sun peeped through now and then.

Rugged country!
Snow and glaciers cut ravines in the mountains.

Mendenhall Glacier
Our first look at a big glacier.

Bowl on mountain tops.
Snow collects in every low place.

Mountain tops shrouded by clouds.
Snow moves down every ravine.

Glacier Bay
The aqua water reflects the mountains.

Mendenhall Glacier
A far-off view of the glacier.

Mendenhall Glacier
That brown at the bottom is the glacier's edge.

Yes, it's me!
Obviously, Dad took this picture!

Glaciers and Mountains
The edge of another glacier.

Mountains and glaciers.
Glacier on mountains and edge in bay.

More Glaciers!
The end of the glacier is in the bay.

Not very big ones, but lots of little ones!

A Bird in the Bay!
Signs of life, even in this frigid area.

Fairweather Mountain Range
The scenery was stunning!

Bird flying past mountainous area.

There were islands here and there.

Wake 2
Ship's wake and edge of glacier.

Wake 1
The ship leaves behind a big wake.

Other tourists looking...
Look hard, there's a ship in front of the glacier.

Dad trying out his new camera.
Dad took lots of pictures too!

Cruise ship
By the glacier it was tiny, but really a big ship!

Glaciers everywhere!
Snow, ice, glaciers... almost everywhere you looked.

Close-up of glacier...
Look at the blue ice and dirt!

Ice and Water
Glacier and lots of little icebergs.

Mountain top glacier..
Look at the spikes of ice!

Dad and Tish
The ship's photographer took this one!