Cool Chicken Coops For Fowl Fun!

March 5, 2013

It’s raining here, and downright dreary looking.  Doing chores in the rain isn’t all bad though.  I can act like a little kid and splash around in the puddles while carrying hay to the critters so they don’t have to go out in the rain.  I figure they can’t put on a rain coat, but I can!  The sheep don’t mind going out in the rain, but then their wooly coats keep them pretty dry.  The goat and llama are wusses, however, and don’t come out in the rain if they can help it.

The chickens take shelter when it’s really pouring down rain, but come out in-between showers and scratch around looking for goodies to eat.  With the lengthening days, they are also starting to lay eggs again, and I’ve already had to chase a couple off nests.  It’s too early for broody hens to hatch chicks!  We’ve still got some cold weather to deal with I’m sure, before spring is here.  But I like thinking about hens and chicks.

picture of hen and chicks

I love watching the little chicks trail after their mama hen, and how fierce the normally docile hens can be when they think the chicks are threatened!

So I got to looking at all things chicken on-line, and ran on to some really awesome chicken coops. It amazes me how many different kinds there are, and what a wide range of prices!  Check these out if you are looking for some chicken pen ideas!

Cool Chicken Coops

You can get a BIG chicken house that will hold a lots of chickens, but of course it also has a pretty big price. This round roof chicken coop costs over $3,000 but it really is big, 10 ft. x 16 ft. and has three windows.

Little Cottage Company Round Roof Coop Panelized Playhouse Kit, 10' x 14'Little Cottage Company Round Roof Coop Panelized Playhouse Kit, 10′ x 14′


It includes the chicken ramp so they can trot out their little door and run around outside, and has a people door next to that.

Of course, the description says “assembly required.” No kidding! You also have to buy shingles and paint, as they are not included. I guess that way you could match the shingles on your house if you wanted to.

An Appropriate Chicken Coop for The Little Red Hen

When I saw this chicken house it made me think of the children’s story about The Little Red Hen.  I mean, wouldn’t it be appropriate for a red chicken to have a red house?

picture of red chicken coop

Oddball Henhouses

Now when it comes to something that looks a little different, I rather thought this one fit the bill.  It has a fancy name, being the Winscombe Chicken Coop.

 picture of henhouse

I guess you’d call it an A-frame style, but it reminds me of the bow of a boat, like someone just chopped off the end of a boat and set the cut end down on the ground.  It’s made of 100% recycled plastic, and is touted to be predator proof.  This chickens coop is supposed to have plenty of ventilation, molded nest areas, and elevated roosting areas.  All in one little package, 34×19 inches!

Oh, and although you can’t see it in the picture, there is a large egg collection door on the back.  I wondered at first how a person could comfortably reach in there and get the eggs!

All In One Poultry House

I think this all-in-one solution with an attached chicken yard is a pretty good idea. If you wanted chickens in your backyard, this could be a handy little poultry pen.

picture of poultry house

You couldn’t have a very big flock of chickens, but it’s be nice for someone who just wanted to keep a few chickens for pets and maybe eggs.

Chicken Coop With Backyard Chicken Run

Here’s one of my favorites, perfect for someone looking for poultry pens that are more economical, and great for keeping backyard chickens.

picture of backyard chicken coop

It’s called “Chicken Coop With a View”, and I like the way it has two stories, giving the chickens a shaded area underneath the actual coop.  They’ve also got some shelter on the one side.  If you placed the coop so that side was towards the prevailing winds, that might help shelter them even better.

However, if I was buying this henhouse, and I planned on keeping the chickens penned up all the time, I’d buy the optional chicken run attachment.


That would give the chickens more space to run in a well-ventilated area.

Large, Medium and Small Chicken Coop Plans!

While all these chicken coops are pretty nifty, you can of course decide to build your own chicken house by using plans instead of a kit.


You can buy ebooks with plans, like this one called Building A Chicken Coop.  Then you could check out all the different kinds there are, and choose one with the features you like best.


You could increase the size of pages, and print out plans in sections, then tape them together, or go to a print shop and let them run off a big sheet of plans or two! They really do have some innovative looking poultry houses and pens in this book. There’s bound to be a chicken house design that suits your style!

Cool Chicken Coops Everywhere!

If I had the money, I’d have all kinds of different chicken houses all over the place! Then I’d put a different breed of chickens in each one.  That way each bunch would breed true if you decided to let them hatch some eggs.

Talk about some fowl fun!


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