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Horse At Work

November 18, 2010

When we were driving through the Cades Cove area of the Smoky Mountains, we saw a horse drawing a piece of farm equipment.  I’m not sure, but I think it’s a manure spreader.  It looked like hay being thrown out the back.

picture of horse pulling manure spreader

I think it was probably old bedding with manure mixed in.  Anyway, it was pretty cool to watch them at work.

Not something you see very often in these days. Usually it’s a tractor at work, not a horse.

photo of horse pulling farm equipment

I love watching horses at work!

Wild Ring-Necked Parakeets in London

November 4, 2010

picture of rose-ringed parakeetWould you believe there are flocks of Rose-ringed parakeets in London?  I mean BIG flocks, like 500 or so!

How do I know this?  A reader, Andrew Perrott, sent me some pictures to share of these birds.  He took them around his home which happens to be less than a mile from London Heathrow airport’s Terminal 4!
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Parrot Mountain, Part II

November 1, 2010

I had so many pictures of parrots from Parrot Mountain and Gardens, I just had to share a few more.  Here are some of the birds in the “Parrot Garden”, where you could touch and feed them.

picture of parrot

Yellow-faced Amazon

 This bird was a beautiful blue, and liked to do a trick pretending to be an eagle.  Being a macaw, it is a BIG bird.

picture of blue macaw

Blue Macaw

There were also some smaller birds in the garden, like these Sun Conures.

picture of sun conures

Sun Conures

These birds are also known as the Sun Parakeet (Aratinga solstitialis).  It’s native to the north-eastern coastal forests of South America, specifically eastern Venezuela, North-eastern Brazil and Northern Amazonas.  They can live for 25 to 30 years.  One thing interesting about this bird besides the beautiful colors is that a sun conure is noted for its loud squawking compared to its relatively small size. It is also capable of mimicking humans though not as well as some larger parrots.

Then there were the birds in one of the “bird cottages”, or smaller aviaries, some of them quite big birds, like these Green Wing Macaws.

picture of green wing macaws

Green Wing Macaws

It strikes me as kind of funny to call them “Green Wing” macaws, when their predominant color is red.  Yes, they have a row of green feathers on their wings.  Still, I think I’d have dubbed them red macaws, or at least red and green macaws.

This little bird, however, is more appropriately named.

picture of Mustached Parakeet

Mustached Parakeet

Mustached Parakeet is a very apt name with that black bar over top of the beak.  It’s a pretty bird, too.

picture of moustached parakeet

Moustached Parakeet

This bird comes from the Himalayas and southern China to Indonesia.  This is a medium-sized parrot, averaging 13 – 16 inches in length (33 – 40 cm).  In most subspecies of Moustached Parakeets, the males have red beaks and the females have black.

The Rose-breasted cockatoos were another pretty bird.

picture of Rose-breasted Cockatoo

Rose-breasted Cockatoo

One of them was intensely curious about us, and kept climbing around trying to keep close.

picture of Rose-breasted Cockatoo clinging to cage

Rose-breasted Cockatoo

This last bird is not a parrot, and I don’t think much of anyone keeps them as pets either.  But they are interesting birds!

Do you know what this is?

picture of lookaburra face

Hi there! Do you know me?

Here’s a hint – these birds are terrestrial kingfishers native to Australia and New Guinea.  Their call is described as sounding uncannily like loud, echoing human laughter.  These birds are carnivorous, and will eat lizards, snakes, insects, mice, other small birds, and raw meat.  So have you guessed yet?

picture of kookaburra bird

Kookaburra bird

Yes, it’s a Kookaburra bird!

There were just so many different types of birds at Parrot Mountain!  It was a treat to see so many in one place.

I’d love to go back!

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