A Chick Chick Here…

October 2, 2008

It’s late in the year to be having chicks, but I guess we forgot to tell the hens that.  Miss “My Pad Is A Purple Bucket” just hatched out 4 little chicks. 

See the purple bucket and empty eggs to the right?
And see one of the little chicks peeking out from under Mama Hen?

She would have had more, but several eggs somehow rolled out of the bucket and got too cold.  I picked them up thinking other chickens had been in there laying eggs, and cracked them open to feed the dogs.  There were half-formed chicks in them… ewwwwww….

A chick, chick here…

It wasn’t long until she was walking over the pastures foraging while her little peeps stumbled through the tall grass in her wake.

Here they were this morning in the goats pen.

And a chick, chick there…

Of course, Miss Peepers still has her 3 little chicks, and they too are running around in the fields.  They also come out in the morning with the other chickens to peck at the corn I throw out.

Seems like there’s chick, chicks everywhere!

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