Visiting Panama City Beach – Day 1

September 24, 2009

Our first day at Panama City Beach in Florida, we had rain for most of the day.  While waiting out the rain, I took this picture from the balcony of our little condo room.  I liked the bright splash of color the two umbrellas made amidst all that darker colors of surf and sand.

Panama City Beach - Gulf Of Mexico

There was a pier on down the beach shrouded in mist because of all the rain.

Panama City Beach And Pier

The sun finally did peep out for a couple of short periods, and we took ourselves off to the beach.  When we walked along the beach, there were lots of these little birds darting back and forth following the waves as they came in and out.

Sanderling (Calidris alba) In Winter Plumage

These little Sanderlings (Calidris alba) scurry along the surf line probing the sand with their long bills to find tiny crustaceans, mollusks, marine worms and insects.

 There were lots of gulls, too.  My favorite was this pirate version – a one legged gull:

One-Legged Gull

He hopped along in great pirate fashion, and having one leg didn’t seem to hinder the bird in any way. 

People were out enjoying the ocean almost as soon as the sun came out.  I enjoyed watching this daddy playing with his little girl, and listening to her laugh with delight when the waves splashed her legs.

Playing in the waves at Panama City Beach, Florida.

 Some of the braver souls were giving parasailing a try.  (For the record, I wasn’t one of them, ha, ha!)

Parasailing above the Gulf of Mexico.

That’s about all we did the first day. . . walk along the beach after it quit raining, and drove around a little to check out the town.  We explored further afield as the week went on however!

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