Visiting Panama City Beach And Pier

October 1, 2009

Panama City Beach – Day 2!


We were still getting rain our second full day at the beach, but the sky cleared off some that afternoon.

Gulf Of Mexico as seen from Panama City Beach, Florida.

We decided to get out while the getting was good and walk along the beach.  We really stretched ourselves and walked clear down to the pier.  I rested under the pier while The Farmer walked on up to the gatehouse and asked how much it cost to go out on the pier.  Neither one of us had any money on us, so we decided we’d go back later in the afternoon.

Pier At Panama City Beach, Florida.

On the walk back to the condo, we saw a guy flying a neat kite.

Turtle Kite

At first I thought it was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle kite, but I think it’s supposed to be a sea turtle.  Whatever kind of turtle it was, I liked it.

When we got back to the condo, we sat on the balcony and watched the scenery.  It looked like it might storm again, so there weren’t many people on the beach.  (And I think I heard The Farmer grumbling there were too many old people and not enough bikinis.)

This one couple was down under their bright umbrella, surrounded by birds.

Beach Birds

Of course, the gulls interest wasn’t so much in the people as the food the people were throwing out to them!

There were a lot of smaller birds munching on the sea oats down below our balcony.

Birds eating sea oats at Panama City Beach, Florida

The sky kept getting darker, and it started raining again.

Gulf of Mexico and pier at Panama City Beach, Florida.

When it cleared up a little, we went back to the pier and paid to walk out on it.  I could look down and see the barnacles and stuff clinging to the supports of the pier.

Pier support with barnacles.

But it was a looooong way down there, so the picture didn’t come out as well as I hoped.  The same was true of the little jellyfish we could see swimming by.


And once we even saw a crab swim by!

Crab swimming in the Gulf of Mexico at Panama City Beach, Florida.

I thought that was pretty cool, because I’ve never seen one swimming before.  The only time I’d ever seen crabs were scuttling around on the beach.

There were a lot of people fishing from the pier, but I only saw one person catch anything.


I have no idea what kind of fish it is, but I suspect it was going to end up as bait for catching other fish.

It started raining again, so we decided we’d seen enough, and after one last picture of a sailboat. . .

Sailboat on Gulf of Mexico in rainstorm.

. . . which looked bright and colorful out in all the grays of sky, rain and sea, we headed back to our home base.

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