Stormy Weather…

January 10, 2008

We’ve had some wild weather here today! For a big part of the afternoon and evening, there was a tornado watch. Thankfully, we didn’t have one, just a lot of rain and straight line winds.

Here’s a video of the rain and wind blowing through the trees – these are mature trees, so it was moving some heavy timber!

We didn’t get away totally unscathed. A fair size limb blew down out of one of the walnut trees in the back yard.

The wind also blew down part of the pallet fence The Farmer built around my lilac bush and trumpet vine to keep the goats from eating them.

01-10-08 pallet-fence

¬†All things considered, we didn’t fare too badly. Just a lot of wind, and almost 2 inches of rain, which we really need!

Perhaps there’s still a silver lining to every cloud?

This Polar Bear Club is for the BIRDS!!!

January 3, 2008

I spoke too soon yesterday about being glad I didn’t have to chop ice. Figures. I went out this morning and there were empty heated water bowls in the peafowl pen and poultry pens. That meant I either had to carry water out from the house, which is a fair distance, or chop the ice off the top of the unheated water buckets so I could pour water out of them into the heated buckets. Follow that?

I chose the latter, and whew! That’s tiring work. The good news is I had enough water to fill the bowls back up. The bad news is, if it’s still this cold tomorrow, I’ll have no choice but to carry water from the house to the distant water bowls.

While I’m chopping through ice to fill water bowls for the domestic fowl, some of their wild cousins are trying out for the Polar Bear Club, and splashing around in the birdbath.

Even though this birdbath has a heater to keep the water from freezing, it’s not THAT warm, and the air is FRIGID. Personally, I think they’re birdbrains to be playing in the water when it’s this cold.

01-03-08 birdbath

I figured I was providing drinking water during the cold weather months for the birds, but never imagined I’d be providing a heated spa!

Toby the Wonder Dog Chasing Ashes

December 26, 2007

The Farmer was burning some old feed sacks and boxes yesterday. Toby loves it when his fellow firebug makes a fire. He thinks it’s great fun to chase and jump for flying bits of ashes.

Every once in a while Toby gets hold of a hot ash, shakes his head for a minute, then goes right back to jumping for more ashes.

I guess everyone has their own idea of what’s fun!