Of high water and a fallen tree…

February 7, 2008

Yesterday morning we awoke to the sound of flood waters. It had rained over an inch for the second day in a row, and the creek along side our property had flooded over its’ banks.

Sometime during the night it got up over the road, though by the time I went out and took pictures, it had already mostly went back down.

picture of water over country road

There was more water over the road between our place and the neighbors on past us. This is where the creek actually passes through a culvert under the road.

02-07-08 water-over-road

Then there’s the culvert. . .

Debris usually blocks some of the culvert and the swollen creek waters cannot pass through, so the creek overflows the banks. You can see and hear the water rushing and roaring as it comes out of the culvert.

This morning the creek has subsided a great deal. Here it is rushing over a fallen log.
Still, the water is running pretty fast, as you can see the way it is rushing over this limb dipping in the water.
image of limb in creek
I also noticed earlier this week, with the rain and strong winds we’ve been having, a tree has fallen along the edge of the woods by the bottom pasture.
02-07-08 tree
Fortunately, we didn’t get the tornadoes people in other partsof the state had, so we really didn’t have much else but a few branches down.
A creek running high with excess water beats drought conditions any day!


Signs of Spring

February 5, 2008

When I went outside to do chores this morning I was pleased to see signs of spring. Yes, I know it’s still February, and we have more winter weather to come. Today, however, with 70+ F. temperatures and blossoms starting to appear, it reminds me of spring.

The first bright spot of color I noticed was a dandelion. Come summer, they’ll pollute the place, but for now, it’s nice to see that splash of sunny color in an otherwise cheerless landscape.

picture of dandelion

The landscape is also pretty in pink as down by the pond, as there is a quince bush starting to bloom. It’s the first bush I notice blooming here in the spring, and is extra special because it came from my dad’s farm in West Virginia. Some of the buds got frost bitten, but others bravely hung on and are opening up.

picture of quince blooms

In the woods I noticed the patches of moss are starting to take on a vibrant green hue in sharp contrast to the drab brown leaves.

picture of moss and brown leaves

But splashes of color aren’t the only signs of spring. There’s also the sounds.. First thing I noticed when I went outside this morning was the spring peepers song. It’s the first day I’ve heard them, and they will get progressively louder. Some nights they make it hard to sleep!

It’s not the picture here that matters – it’s just the boggy area of our bottom pasture, where a spring in the hillside seeps out and the water collects in this low lying area. Nothing much to see, but you can HEAR the spring peepers doing their thing. (Ignore the ever present noise of guineas in the background now and then.)

I know we’ll have more wintry weather, but today is an encouragement I can hold onto. Cause peepers and posies, they’re both a promise of the spring to come.

Spot’s Adventures

January 16, 2008

We have a cat named Spot. The Farmer named him Spot because… well, he has big spots. I think the name gave the cat some sort of identity crisis. He thinks he’s a dog. Why do I say that?
* He comes when I whistle for him.
* He’s been known to play fetch.
* He follows me around everywhere like a dog.

Further, he is positively fearless. Once we had a huge snake eating guinea eggs. We’re talking 5′ long or more, with room enough to hold at least 5 guinea eggs in its’ belly.

01-16-08 Spot-snake

Just look at him checking out a snake in this video…

And after he looked at this BIG snake a while he decided to whack it one. The following is a VERY short video of him doing just that… you can actually hear him swat the snake.

I’m afraid sometime recently this bravado got him in trouble. He tangled with something that fought back and ended up with a huge abscess above his left front leg, which has an obvious puncture wound in the middle of it.

Since we weren’t sure what he tangled with, we took him to the vet. He cried pitifully all the way there. VERY vocal, which is highly unusual. He usually has a very short, quiet “mew”. These were loud and oh so mournful. The kind that makes you feel like a heel, even though you know taking the cat to the vet is doing what’s best for him.

He’s scheduled for some minor surgery to lance the wound and drain it. If all goes well, we should be able to pick him up tomorrow.

If he keeps this up, one of these days this look…

01-16-08 Spot-toes

… is going to be permanent.

But I hope not. Spot the cat is one of the best dogs we’ve ever had.

Toby Chasing Thunder

January 14, 2008

When we had that bad storm last week, I took a video of Toby running around like a demented critter, chasing after thunder. Yes, the dog chases after a SOUND. He runs, he barks, he jumps… he thinks he is going to catch it, sometime, somehow.

In this first one, you see the lightning flash, and him taking off through the main pasture chasing the noise while sheets of rain blow over him.

Here he once again runs through the field, but I caught him when he came back and jumped up against the fence, barking and trying to let that thunder know some day he’s gonna get it!

I don’t think there’s a single critter on this farm that’s normal.

Stormy Weather…

January 10, 2008

We’ve had some wild weather here today! For a big part of the afternoon and evening, there was a tornado watch. Thankfully, we didn’t have one, just a lot of rain and straight line winds.

Here’s a video of the rain and wind blowing through the trees – these are mature trees, so it was moving some heavy timber!

We didn’t get away totally unscathed. A fair size limb blew down out of one of the walnut trees in the back yard.

The wind also blew down part of the pallet fence The Farmer built around my lilac bush and trumpet vine to keep the goats from eating them.

01-10-08 pallet-fence

 All things considered, we didn’t fare too badly. Just a lot of wind, and almost 2 inches of rain, which we really need!

Perhaps there’s still a silver lining to every cloud?