Just Hangin’ Around!

November 11, 2010

Yesterday evening I went out to do chores. Well, sometimes you see the darndest things around here. See, there’s a woven wire fence separating the “people” backyard from the “animal’s” backyard. The fence is just a few feet from the back of the house really.

So it was impossible to miss this:

picture of chicken in fence

Just hanging around. . .

Yes, there was one of the young white roosters hanging in the woven wire fence!

As for how it got there?  My best guess is something (cough, cough.. Toby.. cough, cough) startled it, and it took off to fly over the fence and didn’t quite make it.

picture of white rooster chicken

Trying to get a leg up?

As soon as I saw it I went back inside and got two things:

  1. Gloves, because I figured he might get a tad excited and I didn’t want spurred, scratched and damaged trying to effect a rescue, and
  2. My camera… come on, it just took a few seconds to take the pictures, and who would believe it otherwise?

So there you have it, another wacky moment on the farm.

Chickens Roosting in a Tree

November 9, 2010

With the time change, it gets dark so early, sometimes I am busy working and forget to go out and do chores until it’s almost dark.  And don’t get me started on the time change thing, because I have definite opinions as to how it’s the biggest waste of time (ha!).  It’s a nuisance to have to shift your sleep patterns back and forth every few months, for instance.  And studies have been done that show it does NOT save energy, and really, I can’t think of any good reason to do it.

Okay, that’s my rant with some of the reasons I don’t like the time change thing.  Now back my regularly scheduled story!

It was almost dark before I got chores done last night.  The sun was setting and a little sliver of the moon was shining brightly.

picture of sunset

Toby sat and chewed on a stick while I enjoyed the scenery.

picture of sunset

Then I saw the chickens flying up to roost in their tree. 

picture of chickens roosting in tree

Chickens roosting in tree at sunset.

Not all of the chickens roost in this tree.  The rest of the chickens are either in the sheep shed or a few even roost inside the chicken coop.  But a few end up in the catalpa tree here:

picture of sunset and chickens in tree

Getting ready for a good night's sleep in a tree.

I wouldn’t think it’d be such a good spot since the leaves are gone and it’s getting cold, but they seem to stick with it no matter what the weather.

When I throw out feed, or when the chickens and guineas roost or night are about the only times they mingle.  Here one of the guineas flew up to the shed roof then is walking over to the tree to join the chickens.

photo of sunset and tree

Guinea walking on roof over to tree.

A few more guineas roost in that tree, while the rest either roost on top of the chicken coop or high up in the big walnut trees in the back yard.

Heaven forbid they should all go in the chicken coop at night!

Friday’s Farm Fotos

October 8, 2010

Time for a round-up of photos from around the farm this week.  We’ve had some beautiful weather, and critters and people are all enjoying it.

The guineas are done nesting for the year, and back in one big flock.  Here they are in our front yard. . .

picture of guinea fowl

Foraging Guineas

They hatched a lot of keets, but made a poor showing for keeping them!  There are only two survivors.  Guineas will NOT be winning the mother of the year award!

The chickens like to forage in the grass too.  It’s a nice buffet of seeds and bugs.

picture of red rooster

Strolling along. . .

They not only forage in the front yard and fields, they go down around the pond too.

picture of chickens

Grazing by the pond.

And they are often near the birdbath, since they like to use it for their local watering hole.

picture of polish silver laced rooster

The Patriarch Rooster of the Chicken Clan

While the chickens are running around, the goat and llama are taking a break and enjoying the sunshine.

photo of goat and llama

Resting in the sunshine.

Since the weather was cooler, Toby and I decided to walk in the woods.  In the bottom pasture, there are still some butterflies flitting around.

picture of Gulf Fritillary butterfly

Gulf Fritillary butterfly (Agraulis vanillae)

There are still white flowers blooming in the fields and woods.

picture of plants with white flowers

Anybody know what these plants are?

Since ya’ll are so good at identifying birds, how about trees?  There is a pretty tall tree in our woods with purplish stems at the top.

photo of tree

Name this tree!

And to help with the identification, here is a closer look at the leaves of the tree . . .

picture of tree

A closer look at the leaves. . .

And now, a closer look at those purple stems at the top of the tree. . .

photo of tree

Looks like there was fruit here?

So how about it, anyone know what the tree is?

And now, it’s time to jump into the week-end!

picture of chicken

"Gotta Fly!"

Hope ya’ll have a GREAT week-end!

Fowl Watermelon

September 29, 2010

The Farmer’s watermelon crop is slowing down.  He grew a LOT of them this year, but there are several little ones that won’t have time to ripen before it gets too cold.  So he’s been busting them open and feeding them to the fowl – the chickens especially like them.

Of course, he had a little trouble opening the gate with all those little watermelons in his arms!

photo of man with watermelons

Getting the gate open with an arm full of watermelons is tricky indeed!

But he made it, and went on his merry way!

photo of man with watermelons

Watermelon delivery in progress!

As you can see, the chickens keep pecking at them until there’s hardly even any shell left!

photo of chicken eating watermelon

"There must be a little bit left somewhere!"

I’m sure the chickens will be sorry when all the watermelons are gone!

Chicken Lovers Day

September 15, 2010

In honor of Chicken Lovers Day, here are some photos of farm chickens!

Golden Sebright Chicken

Golden Sebright Chicken


chickens eating corn

Hen teaching chick to peck at corn.


white hen and chicks

Hen & Chicks


buff hen in green weeds

Buff Orpington Hen


buff orpington chicken and baby chickens

Sheltering Wings


chickens in flowerbed

Chickens in Flowerbed


2 red rooster chickens

Rooster Bookends


rooster chicken and hen chicken

Polish Silver Laced Rooster and Buff Orpington Hen


white rooster chicken

Rooster, Goldenrod & Daisies


chickens on pallet fencing

chickens roosting on pallet fence after a rain storm

We love our chickens!  Happy Chicken Lovers Day!