Sunset & Roosting Guineas

February 25, 2011

One evening recently I went out to take some pictures of the sunset.

picture of sunset

Sunset and clouds

I thought there were some interesting cloud formations. . .

picture of clouds at sunset

Low hanging clouds

While I was out there I noticed the guineas were going to roost in the catalpa tree by the sheep shed.  It’s one of their favorite spots.  I took a little video, and although it’s a little dark… I did say it was sunset! … you can still see enough to tell what’s going on.

Actually, the video was lighter until I uploaded it to YouTube, and it turned out darker there.  Oh well…

That’s Toby barking in the back ground.  And you can hear the guineas making a fuss, and a couple of the guineas walking across the metal roof of the sheep shed. 

In the summer after the walnut trees have leafed out, they like to go high up in those to roost at night.  I think they try to hide among the leaves so the owls don’t see them.

But for now, the catalpa tree does nicely.

picture of guinea in tree at sunset

Silhouette of Guinea Roosting at Sunset

Good night Guineas!

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