Squirrely in Sanford

November 29, 2008

We went down to central Florida to visit family for Thanksgiving. We were staying in housing close to Lake Monroe in Sanford. In the morning we enjoyed walking along the lake. Not surprisingly, there were lots of boats in the lake though there is only one in this particular picture.

Lake Monroe

 There were lots of other people walking along the lake, many with their canine companion (s).

We don’t see many palm trees in our part of the world, so it was neat to see the ones lining the side of the walk closest to the lake.  Many of them were full of berries.

 The birds were munching up on the berries, and there was another familiar critter in the trees…

Squirrel in Palm Tree.

Squirrel in Palm Tree.

Yes, these furry little beasties seem to be everywhere!  We have lots running around in our walnut, hickory, and oak trees back home, but they look to be equally at home in the palm trees in Florida.

However, this little squirrel didn’t limit itself to berries from the palm trees.  It also looked for bread crumbs on the sidewalk, and when it saw one, it went flying across the walk to pounce on it.

Yep, things are squirrely in Sanford!

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