More On Last Year’s Trip To Alaska

September 16, 2008

This was Day 2 of my trip.  It started with me touring the Space Needle and Science-Fiction Museum, and ended with me boarding the Norwegian Pearl and meeting up with Dad.  That evening we set sail for Alaska!

I am such a huge sci-fi fan, I must admit that touring the world’s only sci-fi museum was a real thrill!  And I know going up on the Space Needle is probably sooooo “touristy”… but how can you go to Seattle and NOT visit the Space Needle.  That’d be like going to Paris and giving a miss to the Eiffel Tower!

As before, click on the picture above to open the slideshow page, then click the top left picture on that page to start the actual slideshow. Oh! And there are two pages, so when you finish the first, click the arrow > on the top right of the main page to go to the 2nd page.

There are 29 pictures in this group, so if a picture is worth a thousand words, I got really mouthy!!!

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