Is it a mini-Hobbit hole?

February 20, 2008

After I finished this morning’s critter chores, I took a short walk in the woods. There is yet another type of wildflower starting to produce blooms.

02-20-08 flowers

The slue is more of an algae soup right now, chock-full of vibrant green strands of algae. Along the bank I saw some creature has made a hole in the hillside. I wonder what it could be?

02-20-08 hole
It‘s pretty round – suppose it’s a miniature Hobbit hole?

As usual, since I was looking and READY, I didn’t see any deer, owls, or even rabbits or squirrels. I’m afraid my leaf-crunching as I walk is a detriment to seeing much wildlife.

Back at the house, I noticed the Lenten Rose on the north side of the house has a couple of new buds. It may still be February, but there are definite signs of growth!

02-20-08 Lenten-rose

I can’t wait for spring, all two days of it that we get in the south before the heat of summer slams into force!

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