For A Swinging Good Time. . .

February 11, 2011

A while back I placed an ad in one of the local Freecycle lists to ask if anyone had a swingset frame.  No slide or swings, just the frame.  I got an email from a very nice guy about an hour away from us, who said he had one in his back yard he’d let us have.

The first pretty weekend, we drove over to pick it up.  We were expecting one of the modern, cheap, lightweight metal frames.  Nope, this is a homemade job someone welded together with HEAVY pipe, and is 7 1/2′ tall!

And did I mention it’s HEAVY???

It was a chore getting the thing up into the bed of our pickup truck.  The Farmer took some rope with him, but fortunately we also had spare rope and bungee cords under the backseat, because this stuck out a lot further than we expected.

pictue of swingset frame in bed of truck

We didn’t put enough on to start with, and part-way home the frame slipped off the end of the bed and was dragging along behind the truck.  Fortunately, there was a handy parking lot to turn into, and some nice dude stopped and helped The Farmer weave a web of bungee cords to hold it on.

The Farmer contemplates the web of bungee cords.

Considering the effort the guys had getting this onto the truck, we decided to wait until such time as the Cave Geek could help unload it.

Cause did I mention it is big and HEAVY?

I might also mention that those bungee cords were stretched really TIGHT.  When The Farmer loosened the end of one, it flew waaaaaaaay up into the air, and ended up here…


Way up in the sky, the bungee cords fly...

Even with the arrow pointing to it, you can’t see it without using a telescopic lens. . .

pictue of bungee cord in tree

I've heard of going out on a limb before, but this is ridiculous!

I think we might as well count that bungee cord as a loss.  It would take a ladder on a firetruck to reach it, or maybe one of those buckets on a utility truck… naw, I don’t think they’d reach high enough.

At any rate, we finally got the swingset frame unloaded with help from the Cave Geek. 

One huge frame awaiting final placement.

Oh, so why did I want a fame without swings or slide?  It’s to go in the peacock aviary. . .

picture of young peacock

Our younger peacock

They need a new perch as the old one was wood and finally rotted and fell apart.  However, since this one is 7 1/2′ tall and aviary is only 8′ tall, The Farmer is going to have to dig holes for the posts so it will be low enough for the peacocks to perch on!

They won’t have a swinging good time, but they’ll love being up high!

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