Farmer Firebug

April 21, 2009

I’m sure I’ve mentioned in past posts that The Farmer is a bit of a firebug.

Well, remember the big tree limbs that fell on our house?  He had all that wood to burn that he cut up and moved down to the bottom pasture. 

This past Saturday there wasn’t much wind, so he decided it was time to set fire to it.  He gathered up a bunch more little twigs out of the front yard to add to his pile and help get the fire going.

The Farmer gathering twigs.

That seemed fairly innocuous, so I left him to his devices and kept working inside.

Later, I decided I’d check on him and see what he was up to.  Well!  What he was up to was not only burning his pile of wood, but burning off part of the bottom pasture!

Fire in bottom pasture.

It seems he decided since that area’s all swampy, he’d just let the dried weeds burn off.  And there he was allowing a huge fire, and hadn’t even hollered at me so I could take pictures.  Bad Farmer!

Dried grasses on fire.

He had quite a conflagration going there for a while.  The smoke was so dense at times, it made it look dark outside.

Fire in bottom pasture.

Our Farm Collie, Toby, helped keep watch to be sure the fire stayed within bounds.

Toby, our Farm Collie, watching the fire.

I was amazed at how much racket the fire made.

I can’t imagine what it must be like in a really big fire, like a forest fire.  The noise must be absolutely deafening!

The Farmer used an old broom to beat out any fire going towards the woods or rest of the pasture.  It looked a little worse for wear by the time the fire was out.

Burnt Broom

It really didn’t take long for the fire to sweep through the swamp and burn off all the dead vegetation.

A pasture full of ashes.

Fortunately, any little critters had time to make a run for it or bury themselves down in the mud.  There was no evidence of any crispy critters once the fire burnt out.

Just so ya know no creatures were harmed in the making of this

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