Cost of CSA Baskets

June 18, 2008

Actually, these baskets costs more than $25 each week. I was thinking about paying the $100 a month, but I forgot to take into account the deposit we had to make.

The total cost for this CSA season is $650, and it is supposed to run from the first week in May until the last week in September. Looks like about 21 weeks to me, in which case, the baskets of food cost about $30.95 each.

I keep waiting to see if this gets better, but right now I’m thinking I’ll either try a different CSA next year if I can find one, or just forget the whole thing, which I really hate. I really, really wanted to be able to support CSA’s and write great things about them. But I was looking for really good, better than I could buy in the grocery store kinds of veggies. For the most part, that isn’t happening.

Maybe it’ll get better. Maybe we’ll get some huge baskets of food as the garden really gears up in a few weeks.


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