A Working Tractor

July 20, 2010

Yes, The Farmer FINALLY has a working tractor. 

First we towed it to the shop, and he had the tractor repair guy work on the electrical system.  When we picked up, the guy told The Farmer the water pump was bad and could go out soon.  That was an understatement, since he hadn’t been mowing an hour with the tractor until the water pump went totally kaput.

So The Farmer took the old water pump off and ordered a new one. Somehow it got sent to Florida instead of Tennessee.  It took a couple of weeks before it finally got to the right place.

Imagine how bummed The Farmer was after he got a new water pump on… and the tractor still wouldn’t start.  He was afraid, in his words, that he’d have to take the tractor back to the repair guy and “have him lick his calf over.”

Fortunately, he decided to try jumping the tractor with our truck first, to see if the battery might be bad.  It was.

So THEN he went and bought a new battery and put it on, and HOORAH!  The tractor is finally working.

Saturday The Farmer had a mowing frenzy and mowed the back pasture, which hadn’t been done for a couple of years.

Farmer on Allis Chalmers tractor.

Almost done!

The weeds were pretty high, so it took him a while to get that 3-acres mown down.  It’s kind of too bad… the weeds at least made a little bit of screen from seeing all the houses in the subdivision they smacked down on the used-to-be farm behind us.

farmer mowing field

One more round. . .

Then he decided to mow a little around the pond.

mowing pond banks

Don't get too close to the edge Farmer!

I watched while he did that in case he got a little too close to edge and slid into the pond.

Mowing banks of pond.

The bank is a little steep in places.

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to fish him out of the pond, though it would have been a great picture!  Trouble is, he might have got hurt in the process, so I just wanted him to stay safely on the bank.  He didn’t try to get too close to the edge of the pond, however, because he was a little leery of sliding in.

After a few rounds around the pond, he finally called it a day and gave his orange beast and himself a rest!

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