Toby’s Second Favorite Activity

April 2, 2009

I think we’ve pretty well established that our farm collie, Toby, loves playing in water more than anything else on the planet. However, creeks and puddles and water spraying out of a hose aren’t always available, so what does he do with the rest of his time?

He plays with sticks. Anything from a tiny twig the size of a toothpick to a 2×8 board to a log so big he can hardly drag it around.

We had a big limb fall out of a tree a while back, and The Cave Geek broke a chunk off to give to Toby.

Trying to pull a log away from our farm collie doesn't work.

This was great prize to Toby!

Toby carrying off stick.

Ha, ha!  It’s mine, all MINE!!!!

He carried it all over the place, even though he could barely close his mouth around it, and drooled cause he couldn’t swallow with that big chunk of tree in his mouth.

Toby with is prized stick.

Walk softly and carry a big stick?

This just happens to be his idea of a good time.  In fact, the minute you go out the door, the first thing he does is look for a stick.  It doesn’t matter what size, he’s just got to have one!

After a while though, carrying it around isn’t enough.  He has to chew on it.

(Sorry about the poor quality of this little video, but the digital camera I’m using these days is from way back, and the technology wasn’t so good for video capture.)

The video may not be the greatest, but you can hear a couple of good crunches in there and see those nice big teeth working on reducing that bit of log to splinters.

That isn’t the biggest chunk of wood I’ve seen him carting around, but like I said, he’s not picky about the size.  Sometimes he has little sticks that look like he’s got a cigar hanging out of his mouth.  Sometimes he plays lumberjack.

But whatever the size, carrying and crunching wood rates right up there as his second favorite pastime.


February 13, 2008

It’s snowing here for only the second time this year. Now everyone north of the Mason-Dixon line, don’t be laughing about how excited people in the south get over such a little dab of snow!

When I went out to do chores this morning, the first thing I saw was Toby cavorting around with snow dusting his back.

picture of farm collie

A couple of the peahens were out and had even more snow on their backs.

picture of snowy peahens

After I finished taking care of the critters, I walked down into the woods. There was snow dusting all the leaves on the ground, and some sticking to the trees. I took a picture of the slue on one side on our property.

pic of slough

I  didn’t see any owls or deer today. They probably had the good sense to stay tucked inside some sort of shelter.

My quince bush has frozen blossoms. Right now the iced blossoms look rather pretty, but I’m sure when it warms up they’ll all turn brown and die.

picture of quince bloom

 Back up near the house, the birds were busy at the feeders and birdbath. We always have several cardinals and woodpeckers dining at our buffet.

02-13-08 woodpecker

They take turns at the feeders, and sit on the fence posts patiently waiting their turn.

02-13-08 2-cardinals

You can see what blustery weather we’re having by the way the feathers of this lady Cardinal are all ruffled up. She even tucked one of her feet up in her feathers to stay warm.

02-13-08 lady-cardinal

We won’t get any accumulation worth mentioning from this morning’s snowfall, but it was still fun to see some snow for a change!

Toby Chasing Thunder

January 14, 2008

When we had that bad storm last week, I took a video of Toby running around like a demented critter, chasing after thunder. Yes, the dog chases after a SOUND. He runs, he barks, he jumps… he thinks he is going to catch it, sometime, somehow.

In this first one, you see the lightning flash, and him taking off through the main pasture chasing the noise while sheets of rain blow over him.

Here he once again runs through the field, but I caught him when he came back and jumped up against the fence, barking and trying to let that thunder know some day he’s gonna get it!

I don’t think there’s a single critter on this farm that’s normal.

Toby, our handsome wonder dog!

January 4, 2008

It was another cold night here. I was out taking pictures of the ice on the pond, when I happened to get this shot of Toby.

01-04-08 Toby

I was really pleased with this shot because I have a hard time getting good pictures of Toby. First off, it’s very difficult to get a good picture of a critter with black fur. It’s hard to see the details without making the rest of the picture too light. I have that problem every time I try to take pictures of Toby or our llama, Keira, as they both are dark. The background in this picture just happened to work out well.

It’s also difficult to catch him standing STILL for a long enough time to bring the camera up, focus and take the picture. He’s constantly on the mooooovvvvvveeeeee, and he usually comes running the minute he sees me look at him.

So there he is, standing still for a change, posing for a picture to show what a big, handsome dog he is!

Toby the Wonder Dog Chasing Ashes

December 26, 2007

The Farmer was burning some old feed sacks and boxes yesterday. Toby loves it when his fellow firebug makes a fire. He thinks it’s great fun to chase and jump for flying bits of ashes.

Every once in a while Toby gets hold of a hot ash, shakes his head for a minute, then goes right back to jumping for more ashes.

I guess everyone has their own idea of what’s fun!

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