Friday’s Farm Fotos

August 20, 2010

The Fridays keep coming around way too fast!  My weeks never seem to be long enough to get everything done I want to get done.  Oh well! 

At any rate, here are a few pictures from around our little farm this past week.  I’m just putting them up in the order they came out of the camera!

I saw this critter one day as I was walking back from the mailbox.

green frog

A haven from the snakes?

Maybe he was just looking for some sunshine, or maybe he figured out it was a good place to keep an eye on any snakes hanging around.

There are still lots of Eastern Swallowtail Butterflies hanging around on the Joe Pye weed.

yellow and black butterflies

Butterfly Cafe

Here’s our silly lady llama getting a drink from the water hose while The Farmer tries to fill up one of the drinking pools.

black llama drinking water

Well water is nice and cold!

You can see Toby, the farm collie, in the background hoping The Farmer will turn around and spray water at him.  Keira wants sprayed too in this hot weather.

black lama

Shower Time!

And I can’t resist taking more pictures of butterflies when I walk by the pond and see them.  This one is a female Eastern Swallowtail Butterfly.

black butterfly

A sip of nectar by the pond.

It’s easy to tell the black ones are females, but harder to tell which yellow Swallowtails are male and which are female!

Here’s our female goat and a couple of ewe sheep hanging out under the big oak and walnut shade trees in the back yard.

goat and Shetland sheep

Shade tree air conditioning!

And lastly, here’s a Blue Jay I saw at the birdbath this morning.  I don’t often see them around close to the house.

Blue Jay at bird bath

Getting at drink at the local pub.

And there you have it, another week on the farm!

Snake Wars

August 10, 2010

Yesterday evening was a bit of war zone down by the pond.  The first confrontation was “Snake vs. Frog“. . .

I was happily minding my own business photographing butterflies on some Joe Pye weeds on the pond banks when there was a BIG commotion in the water!

There was a lot of splashing, and at first I couldn’t tell what was going on.

frog and snake

There's something strange about that frog...

I thought at first a big frog had just jumped into the water was all, but the frog was swimming most erratically!

frog in water


The frog struggled valiantly, but he never really had much of a chance.  Once the snake got a good hold, it had the advantage of size and oh yes… a dose of poison.  We’re talking water moccasins here.

Soon then end was in sight. . .

frog and snake in pond

End game in sight. . .

And the short war was over. . .

And that was the end. Didn’t see the frog again. 

Snakes: 1 – Frog:0

However, the pond appears to have a thriving snake population. This is no surprise considering the heat.  They’re searching for water for one thing.  For another, the pond is a veritable buffet for snakes with all the frogs and other aquatic critters.  So I soon spotted another snake.

snake by bank

Taking a rest before the hunt. . .

This was just too much for The Farmer.  Even though he was hobbling around with a funky orthopedic sandal and big bright green bandage on his foot (had a toenail removed yesterday), he couldn’t stand it.  He went for a gun.

Now it was The Farmer vs. Snakes.

Of course, by the time he hobbled in the house, got a gun out of the safe and loaded it, the two bigger snakes were nowhere to be found.

One little snake, however, wasn’t so smart and had the temerity to show up practically in front of The Farmer.  Bad move.  The Farmer let him have it with both barrels, so to speak.

small dead snake in pond

On the way down and out. . .

I don’t think he was hit directly, but died from the shock of the blast concussion.  Sort of like fishing Crocodile Dundee style… with dynamite.

That was an even shorter war. 

The Farmer: 1 – Snakes: 1 – Frog: 0

As many snakes as there are in the pond, I really think the odds are in their favor in the long haul for winning the Snake Wars.


June 23, 2010

Whether you think, “What a lucky guy!” or “Poor soul” …

It’s been 16 years.  My, my. How time flies when you’re having fun!

Happy Anniversary Farmer Dude!


Old Allis Chalmers Tractor

June 15, 2010

The Farmer has an old Allis Chalmers tractor.  It was out of commission the last couple of years, and he decided he needed to get it fixed so he could mow the fields this year.

So two or three weeks ago, he hooked it up to the truck with a tow rope, and I pulled him and the tractor to the repair shop.  (For some odd reason he wouldn’t let me get over 7mph before he was making frantic hand signals for me to SLOW DOWN!)

Anyway, he told the guy to “get it running”.  The repair guy called last week and said it was ready, so this past Saturday we drove to the repair shop and The Farmer drove the tractor home.

Even the tractor looks happy to be coming home!

I thought the repair bill didn’t seem too bad, and the tractor was finallly running again.  The Farmer went out to mow the main pasture.

He was happily mowing away…

It lasted ONE hour until the tractor broke down again.

Yeah, it seems the repair idio… uh, man… told The Farmer the water pump was bad, and he needed to replace it soon because it would likely go out soon.

To me, this begs the question, WHY didn’t the repair guy call The Farmer and ask if he wanted him to replace the water pump? I mean, the idea was to get the tractor running, yes, but for only an hour?

At that rate, I figure The Farmer paid about $2 a minute for the use of the tractor.

Suddenly, that repair bill doesn’t seem so reasonable any more.

Farmer Firebug

May 4, 2010

Saturday was rainy here, and a perfect time to get rid of all the excess feed bags from the feed room and all the empty cardboard boxes sitting around in the basement.

Farmer Firebug likes to make bonfires, so this was a task for him.

This is part of our “clear the basement out” project.  A BIG project!