Midnight Southern Snowstorm

January 10, 2011

It’s midnight here in the south, and the snow is falling thick and heavy.

picture of snow falling at night

Midnight Snowfall

As you can see here, the snowflakes are fat and there are LOTS of them!

picture of snow at night

Snowflakes at Midnight

Toby the Tough doesn’t mind a little snow and runs around all over the place.  Where I go, he goes.

picture of dog in snowstorm

Toby braving the snow!

I tried shining a flashlight on The Farmer’s tractor to get a picture of all the snow piling up on it.

picture of tractor in snow at night

Allis Chalmers with a blanket of snow.

The snow is piling up fast, and the ramp to the work shed is buried in snow.

picture of snow on ramp

Lots of snow!

I was out checking on the animals.  I wanted to be sure everyone was in their proper place.  They weren’t.  The goat had pushed her way through a gate and went into the sheep shed.  Now there is plenty of room for 1 goat and 3 sheep in this shed, but there’s just one problem.  The ornery goat stands in the doorway and won’t let the sheep in.  So I had to chase her back into the pen with the llama.

picture goat and llama

Getting tucked in for the night.

If she would just go up into the corner of the pen, she could be snug and dry.  Of course, the little rascal caused the sheep to be covered in snow because they were standing out in the snowstorm.

picture of snowy sheep at night

Snowy Ewes

At least they can spend the rest of the night in the shed and not become abominable snow ewes from being outside all night!

The chickens are smart and roost in the middle of the shed.

picture of chickens roosting in shed

Snug and safe for the night.

The guineas get in the mix too, and get in out of the snow…. some of them anyway.  Others choose to stay in a tree, even though there are plenty of places they could be in out of the weather.  Others roost along the outer parts of the sheep shed.

picture of sheep, chickens and guineas at night

Guineas looking for shelter.

I’ve done all I can to make sure everyone is snug and sheltered from the snow.  Now I think I’ll go to bed myself.  It should be interesting to see how much snow there is tomorrow morning!  Many pundits around here are styling this SNOWMAGEDDON in the SOUTH!

Friday’s Farm Fotos

September 17, 2010

I can NOT believe September is half over already.  Time flies?  No, I think it’s traveling at warp speed, at least warp 10 or something!

Anyway, here we are at another Friday, and here we have some pictures from around the farm this week.

The hummingbirds are still hanging around.  Here’s one high up in a tree. . .

photo of hummingbird in tree

Keeping an eye on things.

This little hummer seems to be watching his bigger wild bird cousins having a wild party in the local watering hole. . .

photo of birds in bath

Splish, splash, I was takin' a bath!

But the little hummingbird isn’t the only fowl creature  keeping watch. . .

photo of chicken bird

I need to keep an eye on things.

She’s not so interested in what the wild birds are doing, but checking out what her guy is doing at the local bird pub. . .

photo of rooster & bird

"Do you come here often?"

But she needn’t worry he’s going to make friends with some wild chick.  Instead he just gets his drink, then leaves.

photo of rooster flying

"Must fly!"

While the birds are refreshing themselves, the farm collie is just taking it easy and napping in the shade.

photo of farm collie

Forget the bird fiesta, it's time for a dog siesta!

Of course, all I have to do is whisper “mailbox” and he’s up and ready to run out the driveway.  Unfortunately, that often means the neighbor’s dog, Gracie, has to rush over and get all hysterical.

photo of dogs

Gracie having hissy fits.

Generally speaking, Toby ignores her.  He acts like she doesn’t even exist, except when she starts bugging him, he always does this one thing. . .

I’m sure he’s just marking his territory and not telling her to… uh, yeah.

And for another week whizzed by, that’s the way it is on the farm.

What’s For Supper?

September 2, 2010

Maybe animals can’t talk, but they can sure get their message across.  I mean, why do you suppose Toby is carrying around a food bowl?

farm collie with food bowl

"What's for supper?"

Maybe if I run closer to the feed room. . .

black and white farm collie

"Maybe if I get closer to the feed room..."

I’m right in front of the feed room, soooooo…..

farm collie with blue food bowl in mouth

"Okay, I made it to the feed room. Where's the food?"

Now if he could just learn to feed himself. . .

Ever See A Llama Drinking Fountain?

August 6, 2010

Our lady llama has a new trick.  She’s discovered she loves drinking from the water hose.

llama and water hose

"Ahhhh, cool, cool water!"

She just started doing it a few days ago.  She was too impatient to wait for me to refill the little wading pool we use in the back yard as a watering trough and ended up slurping water coming directly from the hose.

llama and water hose

"That tastes good!"

Obviously, she discovered she likes that really cold water coming straight out of the well.

llama with water splashing on nose

"I'll just have some more of that nice cold water!"

Or maybe she likes it because she can’t smell any other animal in the water.  She’s persnickety that way.  If any other critter eats from her food bowl, she won’t eat from it until you wipe it out.

llama drink

"Nothing beats a cold drink of water on a hot southern summer day!"

When she gets enough water on the inside, then she wants me to spray some water on the outside!

llama getting a shower

"Cool showers for a cool llama!"

Did you notice Toby (to the right)?  He’s waiting for his turn so he can chase the water spray.  The weather isn’t a factor for him.  He wants to chase water if it’s hot, and he wants to chase water if it’s freezing cold!

Who needs a tv for entertainment when you’ve got looney llamas and daffy dogs?

Hot Enough For Ya Day

July 23, 2010

I noticed when I sent out today’s humor emailing that today is “Hot Enough For Ya Day”.  Considering it’ might hit triple digits today, I’d say that’s a pretty appropriate holiday.

So how hot is it?

It’s so hot the squirrels are coming down to the bird bath for a drink of water.

squirrel on birdbath

Uhhhh, a nice drink.



Gotta take a breath now and then!

And it’s so hot, every time I go out to fill water buckets, the llama comes over to get sprayed down. . .

llama getting wet

That feels sooooo good!

And it’s so hot, tempers flare, and these young roosters are fighting.

2 roosters fight

I'm gonna get you!

Never mind there is a fence between them, they still want to fuss at each other.  I took a video, which ended up being very short.  You’ll see why at the end…

Toby doesn’t like any fussing on the farm, and tries to put a stop to it whenever he can.

And it’s so hot you can hear our air conditioning unit running in the background of that movie, because it’s pretty much running all the time!

It’s so hot I think I’ll go get a tall, cold glass of iced tea.