Friday’s Farm Fotos

September 17, 2010

I can NOT believe September is half over already.  Time flies?  No, I think it’s traveling at warp speed, at least warp 10 or something!

Anyway, here we are at another Friday, and here we have some pictures from around the farm this week.

The hummingbirds are still hanging around.  Here’s one high up in a tree. . .

photo of hummingbird in tree

Keeping an eye on things.

This little hummer seems to be watching his bigger wild bird cousins having a wild party in the local watering hole. . .

photo of birds in bath

Splish, splash, I was takin' a bath!

But the little hummingbird isn’t the only fowl creature  keeping watch. . .

photo of chicken bird

I need to keep an eye on things.

She’s not so interested in what the wild birds are doing, but checking out what her guy is doing at the local bird pub. . .

photo of rooster & bird

"Do you come here often?"

But she needn’t worry he’s going to make friends with some wild chick.  Instead he just gets his drink, then leaves.

photo of rooster flying

"Must fly!"

While the birds are refreshing themselves, the farm collie is just taking it easy and napping in the shade.

photo of farm collie

Forget the bird fiesta, it's time for a dog siesta!

Of course, all I have to do is whisper “mailbox” and he’s up and ready to run out the driveway.  Unfortunately, that often means the neighbor’s dog, Gracie, has to rush over and get all hysterical.

photo of dogs

Gracie having hissy fits.

Generally speaking, Toby ignores her.  He acts like she doesn’t even exist, except when she starts bugging him, he always does this one thing. . .

I’m sure he’s just marking his territory and not telling her to… uh, yeah.

And for another week whizzed by, that’s the way it is on the farm.

Put a smile in your day…

September 9, 2010

Maybe it’s just me, but this video made me laugh!

There’s just something about hearing a baby laugh that makes you want to laugh too, and the dog playing with the baby is so funny!

Even if you’ve already seen this before, come on, it’s funny.

Sheltie Dog and Baby Play Tag

There, don’t know about you, but that puts a smile on my face.

What’s For Supper?

September 2, 2010

Maybe animals can’t talk, but they can sure get their message across.  I mean, why do you suppose Toby is carrying around a food bowl?

farm collie with food bowl

"What's for supper?"

Maybe if I run closer to the feed room. . .

black and white farm collie

"Maybe if I get closer to the feed room..."

I’m right in front of the feed room, soooooo…..

farm collie with blue food bowl in mouth

"Okay, I made it to the feed room. Where's the food?"

Now if he could just learn to feed himself. . .

Toby is another year older…

June 11, 2010

Toby had a birthday yesterday.  He’s 6 years old now.  Just another example of how time flies!  When I got him, my health was going downhill fast and I was looking for a sort of therapy dog to help out as I got worse.  I also figured he’d be a great help with herding animals.  He came from a very nice lady who was wanting to help me out.

I had to drive to an airport about an hour away to pick him up.  I stopped at The Farmer’s workplace on the way home to show off my new little guy.

I was proud of my new little pup!

He really was the cutest little thing. . .

8-week old Farm collie pup

Our Maremma sheepdog, Neffie, really didn’t know what to make of the little creature!

"What are you, and where did you come from?"

But he thought Neffie was the greatest, so hung out with her every chance he got.  In the process, he learned to protect the sheep and other animals.

"I'm gonna be just like her when I grow up!"

A couple months later, and Neffie was still not so sure about this tag-along little guy…

"Was it REALLY necessary to get this nuisance?"

He loved to carry a stick around when he was little.

"This is fun!"

That hasn’t changed.  He just carries a bigger stick now. . .

"It's still fun!"

Of course, sometimes he gets a little carried away and has trouble getting his trophy through gates. . .

"I know there's a way to get this through there. . ."

Another one of his favorite things when he was a pup was to play in water or to bite at water coming out of a hose.

"Keep spraying dude, this is FUN!"

That hasn’t changed either.  He still likes to jump up to bite at water coming out of a hose .

"I can get it, I can get it!"

And he still likes to play in water too. . .

"What could be better on a hot southern summer day?"

And though Neffie may sometimes still wonder a little about her crazy companion. . .

"He really is a little goofy you know."

They have become best buddies and play and look out after each other.

Standing watch.

They make sure this pack doesn’t bother their charges. . .

Dogs from the neighborhood.

He may not be much on herding, but he’s great on protecting.  Of the two, I figure that’s most important.  And he is a most EXCELLENT buddy for The Farmer, and my friend and protector.

"My bestest canine companion!"

I can’t imagine being without him.  Hope you have LOTS more birthdays Toby!

Chiengora Anyone?

June 8, 2010

If you want to see the precursor to chiengora, here it is…

Looks like somebody killed an animal or something!  But it’s just some of Toby’s undercoat.  Operative word there is *some* of it.  I only combed out one side, and didn’t get all the fur from there even.  He sheds an amazing amount each spring!

I think his fur would be too short to make pure chiengora though, but would have to be blended and spun with other fibers.

If you’ve never heard the term “chiengora” before there’s a good explanation over at Chiengora Fibers:

Chiengora (pronounced she-an-gora) refers to yarn spun from dog hair. Chien is the French word for dog, and gora is derived from “angora,” the soft fur of a rabbit. The spinning of dog hair is an ancient art form dating back to pre-historic Scandinavia. It was the main fiber spun on the North American continent before the Spaniards introduced sheep.Chiengora is up to 80% warmer than wool and sheds water well. Its fiber is not elastic like wool, and is characterized by its fluffiness, known as a halo effect. It has a similar appearance to angora and is luxuriously soft.

Chiengora Fibers is located in British Columbia, so I suspect the shipping would be a little high to send fiber there from the States although probably not too bad for smaller amounts.  If you live in Canada, then you’re good to go!  You can have dog fur from your pet spun and even made into something if you want.

For people in the states, there’s another place that spins dog fur into chiengora, called Custom Dog Hair Spinning . . .

You can have the brushed out hair from your pet made into beautiful, very soft, and luxurious yarn. Most dog and cat yarn has a beautiful halo similar to mohair.

Since it’s in New York, it ought to have cheaper shipping for people in the States.

Maybe I should be collecting all that dog fluff. . .