Going Squirrely

July 28, 2009

Yes, this place is NUTS!

We have lots of nut trees around here.  There are hickory nut trees in the woods and bottom pasture.  There are several walnut trees in our backyard.  There are lots of oak trees producing oodles of acorns.

In other words, this place is a haven for squirrels.

They have regular highways, and love to use some of the pallet fences as a regular access road.

Squirrel on pallet fence.

Sometimes the squirrels run along one edge, sometimes they go for a dual track.  Talk about agile!

Squirrel walking edges of pallet fence.

They often take flying leaps and move so fast I have a hard time aiming the camera and catching them as they go.

Squirrel leaping along pallet fence top.

From the pallet fence surrounding the trumpet vine in the back yard, the squirrel goes zipping across the wooden gate that leads into the main pasture.   The squirrel ignores the pasture and heads for the side yard.

Squirrel on wooden gate.

You see, this particular Squirrel Highway leads to a specific destination.  From this gate the squirrel either runs a short distance on the grass or uses a picket fence path to get to the tree by the birdbath.  There are bathers there before him, however.

The pair of cardinals were having a great pool party until the squirrel came along.

Cardinals playing in birdbath while squirrel climbs down tree behind them.

Once he made the scene, they left.  That suited the squirrel just fine, who decided to get up there and get a drink.

Squirrel drinking out of birdbath.

After the squirrel quenched its’ thirst, it was time to check out what was stored in the pantry.  This means searching around for buried treasure. 

Squirrel looking for buried nut.

Evidently this squirrel thought the area around the birdbath a good place to bury nuts.  It finally found one, dug it up, and checked it out to be sure it was still good.

Squirrel taste-testing nut.

Once the squirrel decided this nut was indeed still worthy of keeping, it picked a new place and buried it again.

Once the nut was buried and the coast was clear, the squirrel took off for the treetops again.

At least until the next time it wants to travel the Squirrel Highway.


December 25, 2007

This morning this handsome cardinal was sitting on a tree stump in our front yard. This is not a mirror image – look closely! It’s two different pictures I put side by side. The cardinal just turned his head in opposite directions in the two pictures.

Merry Christmas to all!!!