Why would you do that?

December 11, 2009

If you’ve been reading this blog very long, you know I have an African Grey parrot.  She’s a corker, and always getting into some kind of trouble.  With the emotional level of a 2-year-old, and the intelligence of a 5-year-old, you can just imagine the escapades!

A while back she took it into her head to fly into the den.  I’d went out to the mailbox, and evidently she was trying to see where I went.

African Grey Parrot on shelf.“I know you went out this door! How’d you get back in here?”

I rather surprised her because I went out the back door and came back in the front door.  That’s when I heard her calling, and discovered her sitting on the shelves by the door.

African Grey parrot pretending to be a statue on a shelf.“I’m just a little statue.  I belong here.  Really!”

Of course, sometimes she gets herself places she’s not sure how to get out of.

African Grey parrot looking down from shelf. "Where do I go now?"“How do I get down off of here?”

The Farmer thinks she goes a lot of places just because she likes it when I pick her up and carry her back to her cage.  For whatever reason, there’s no getting around the fact parrots like to go places.

There’s also no getting around the fact if you have a parrot, or any other pet, you get attached to them.  Parrots are intelligent, inquisitive, funny, challenging, and a lot like a little feathered toddler tearing up your house.

That leads into my question, “Why would you do that?” 

It’s like this.  Yesterday The Farmer and I were in town.  We started out at the jeweler’s (no, not for any expensive trinkets – they can solder glasses back together and I was tired of my more-than-usual cracked-pot view of the world).  Since it was going to take a while for the repair, we decided to walk over to the pet store (any excuse will do). 

They have an African Grey parrot at the pet store named Richard, and like our silly parrot, he absolutely loves to have his head scratched.  Naturally, I oblige him whenever I get the chance.

While we were there, I picked up some food for OUR African Grey, and that got me and the pet store owner talking about them as I was checking out.  About their antics, and the things they say and do.

And THAT’s when she told me about a phone call she’d got that morning.  It seems someone had their house broken into, and in the process of vandalizing / burglarizing the house, the creeps killed their African Grey parrot.

And I really have to wonder, “Why would you do that?”

The parrot was in a cage.  It couldn’t hurt them.  There was no need to kill it.

However, the parrot’s owners think it was some people who were upset because they wouldn’t let them hunt on their land any more.  So that’s the deal?  If someone else doesn’t let  you use their property the way you want to, you retaliate by breaking into their house and killing a beloved pet?

What next?  If you don’t like what someone does, get even madder and not only break into the house and kill a pet, how about a person?  Where does it stop?  To paraphrase Yoda a little, it’s a steep and slippery slope once you start down the darkside.

A defenseless creature sitting in a cage.  And they killed it out of spite.

Why would you do that?

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