White Rooster And Red Roosters

November 4, 2009

Every year we have this same dilemma. . . too many roosters.  Now if we were up to turning a live rooster into a dead rooster and all it entails to get one ready to cook, it might not be so bad.

But we aren’t, and that means we always end up with too many roosters come fall.  They start harassing the hens, who have no peace, so it’s time to get catch all these rowdy roosters and pen them up by themselves so we can sell them off.

Now we keep the old rooster, our patriarch.

Old Rooster - Polish Crested

He’s been around a long time, treats his ladies well, and is well-mannered.  So he gets to stay.

But all these young upstarts have to go . . .

White Rooster And Red Roosters

There are 7 red roosters, and 2 white roosters that need to go.  Actually, there are THREE white roosters, but that’s the one that got away.

When we were catching them the other night, he was roosting up in a catalpa tree.  The Farmer used his handy dandy poultry hook to get him down out of the tree, but he didn’t get hold of him tight and away he went.

And he’s STAYED gone.  He hasn’t come in to eat grain with the other chickens and old rooster since he got away.  I guess he’s not taking ANY chances we might catch him and get rid of him!

I think the peafowl sort of wonder why all these noisy creatures have moved in next door.

Red Roosters And Peahens

They’re a handsome bunch of farm roosters, so I hope we can find them a good home.

Farm Roosters On A Perch

Anyone need a rooster (or two or three)???

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