Unexpected Discoveries

August 4, 2009

This weekend I decided I needed to put out more salt and minerals for the animals.  In this southern heat, they need to be able to replenish both salt and water.   Since we drastically downsized the number of 4-legged grass-eaters we have, a lot of things like troughs aren’t all in use.

Such is the case for this trough and salt box:

Salt Box and Water Trough

The water trough is so big it’s impossible for me to dump it and put fresh water in it, and it’s a little out of the way, so I’ve been ignoring it.  However, I thought I could use the salt box, so went down to check things out.

Imagine my surprise when I saw several of these in the water:

Two Tadpoles

Tadpoles!  It’s not the clearest picture in the world, what with the trough being in shadow and tadpoles underwater, but you get the idea.

Obviously some little frog figured that was a good place to lay eggs, and guess she was right!  A least some of them are surviving swimmingly!

Tadpole Swimming

As for the other surprising discovery, I found her when I flipped over the salt box to get the dirt out of it. . .

Black Widow Spider

A Black Widow Spider and egg case.  Hmmmm, I didn’t find her appearance nearly as thrilling as tadpoles in the water trough.  Upon reflection, I think I’ll just look at them instead.

Tadpole in water trough.

That’s a tad better!

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