One Tired Turtle

May 29, 2009

Sometimes we find critters in odd places around here.  Okay, a LOT of times we find critters in odd places.  A while back, for instance, we found a turtle snuggling up to the tire of one of the vehicles.

Box Turtle

Fortunately, we saw the box turtle before we drove off somewhere and accidentally retired the turtle for good. The turtle didn’t hang around long however.  In fact, just a short time after I took the above picture, I went back outside and couldn’t see the turtle anywhere.

It may have been one tired turtle, but it sure could move FAST.

Turtle Sightings

May 20, 2009

As far as I can tell, we have two turtles in our pond.  One is smaller, and likes to get up on the log to sun.

Turtle sunning on log in pond.

This little turtle likes to mess with my mind.  Or maybe it’s just camera shy.  But for whatever reason, whenever I get close enough to get a good shot and raise the camera, plop!  The little turtle drops off the log and into the water. 

Ripples in pond where turtle jumped off log.

And that’s usually what I get in my pictures – ripples of water!  One time I did get a little closer… I think the turtle must have been napping.

Turtle napping on log.

That still wasn’t close enough to get a real clear close-up shot, but I’m going to keep trying!  I’m on a mission!  This turtle WILL get photographed!

Meanwhile, the bigger turtle is even more elusive.  It only pokes its’ nose out for a little fresh air now and then.

Turtle in pond.

However, one day last week I caught the big turtle going walkabout.

Turtle crawling towards pond.

I don’t know where this turtle went.  Maybe courting another turtle?  Laying eggs?  Wherever it had been, it was headed back for the pond.

And once these turtles are in the pond, they can move FAST, but I’m going to keep watch for more turtle sightings!  Must. get. GOOD. turtle. pic!

Log Ness Turtle

April 28, 2009

Like Bessie at Loch Ness, getting a clear photo of the turtle in our pond just doesn’t happen.

Turtle In Pond

I just can’t get close enough to get a good picture before the turtle sees me and dives under.  At best, there’s just a nose and the top most part of the shell showing when the turtle comes up for air.  A lot of the time, all you can see is the tip of his nose.

In view of that (pun intended), I told The Farmer what this poor deprived turtle needed was a log to sun on.  After all, it must get pretty tired paddling away while getting a breath of fresh air, right?  (Of course, no mention was made of my ulterior motive of being able to get a better picture of a turtle on a log as compared to one mostly submerged. smile )

The Farmer readily agreed, though I suspect he knew both my motives for the idea of a floating log in the pond.  However, since he had all that wood from the big tree limbs that fell on the house, he decided he’d take up the challenge and yes, put a log in the pond.  For the turtle, of course.

Being a most excellent MacGyver sorta clone, he knew if he just threw the log in the pond, the wind would have it swept up against the banks most of the time.  What I… uh, the turtle… needed was the log staying out more towards the middle of the pond.

Farmer MacGyver had a plan.

Getting Ready To Put Log In Pond

It required a couple of posts and some slender waterproof rope.

He pounded a stake in the bank on one side of the pond, then tied one end of the rope to the stake, and another part of the rope around the log.

Then he threw the log in the water.

The Farmer throwing a log into the pond.

Once he had it in the water, he adjusted the bright orange rope around the log in what he considered the best position.

Adjusting the rope around the log.

It was getting a little warm, so The Farmer took off his vest, and walked around to the opposite side of the pond.  He pounded in another stake and tied the other end of the rope to it.

The Farmer tying the other end of the rope to the second stake.

Once he did that, he went back around to the other side and made some final adjustments.

Adjusting the rope on the log in the pond.

And there it is, a nice log floating in the pond, holding serenely in one place.

Pond with log floating in it.

Now, if only that turtle would crawl up there sometime to enjoy the sunshine while I’m out there with a camera in my hand!


P.S. I went out to the mailbox after I finished this post, and guess what I saw?  Yep, a turtle trying to crawl up on the log.  Only it wasn’t the big turtle we’ve been seeing, it was a much smaller one!

Two turtles in the pond.

We have not one, but TWO turtles! Or maybe I should say, at least two turtles, cause for all I know there might be more.   There’s the big one we’ve been seeing, and you can see that one’s head in the lower part of the picture, a little to the right of center.  And now the little one trying to get up on that big log.

Turtley Awesome!