Best Football Fans Gift Ideas

November 17, 2009

How did I get on footfall fan gift ideas?  Well, yesterday when I was looking around to find an example of the tree faces, I came across a site that has a whole bunch of them.  Not just any old tree faces though!  For the football fanatics among you, they have really cute tree face ornaments for a whole bunch of different teams!

Of course, around here, we’d have to get the Alabama Crimson Tide Resin Tree Face Ornament that looks like this:

AL Crimson Tide Tree Face Ornament

I can just see someone with a whole team full of trees in their front yard decked out in their favorite football teams appropriate tree face attire!

They have all kinds, and they look so cute.  Like here’s the Green Bay Packers Resin Tree Face Ornament –

Greenbay Packers Tree Face Ornament

And another that’s  the Pittsburgh Steelers Resin Tree Face Ornament –

Pittsburgh Steelers tree face oranament

And yes, Richard and Chrystie, they even have a Dallas Cowboys Resin Tree Face Ornament –

Dallas Cowboys tree face ornament

I notice they also have a few baseball team tree faces.

Miami Dolphins Christmas Tree Skirt
Of course, they have other football fan stuff, like Christmas tree skirts, like this Miami Dolphins Aqua Snowman Tree Skirt

 And they have Christmas tree ornaments.

They even have some cute little tabletop resin Christmas trees.  Here’s an example of the Tennessee Volunteers Tennessee Orange-White Lighted Resin Christmas Tree

Tennessee Volunteers resin Christmas tree

Of course, they have the usual shirts, and jackets, and hats, and other gear too.  I’m thinking for the best football fans in your life, they’ve got lots of unique gift ideas!

(And this all started just looking for an example of a tree face for yesterday’s post.   I think I’ve got some of that internet information overload!)

Patriotic Tree

November 16, 2009

Ever hear of a patriotic tree?  Most of the time that means a Christmas tree decorated with a patriotic theme.  But a while back, I saw a couple of patriotic trees that were NOT evergreen.

Somebody used one of those Large Smiley Tree Faces (or something similar), then gave this tree a patriotic bow tie.

Patriotic Tree Face

But his partner is even more creative!  With a birdhouse hat set off with a patriotic bow, arms and hands, and a patriotic bow scarf around the neck — Wow, what a looker!

Patriotic Tree

So… did you ever see a patriotic tree?  Sounds like a poem, doesn’t it?

I think that I shall never ever see
A poem as lovely as a patriotic tree.

A tree whose smiling mouth is prest
Against the rough bark on its’ chest.

A tree that looks around all day,
To see if someone looks its way;

For summer wear it may be that
There’s a nest of robins in the hat;

And on whose chest there is a bow;
Red, white and blue, a patriot show.

Oh, poems are made up by fools like me,
While a patriot decorates a tree
With red, white and blue for all to see.

(And my apologies to the late Joyce Kilmer for making a parody out of his classic tree poem.  R.I.P.)

Friday’s Farm Fotos

October 30, 2009

It’s been a while since I posted some miscellaneous photos.  So here we are, a snapshot in time, pictures from today around the farm.

First I went out and fed the chickens.

Chickens eating.

It’s still kind of drizzly out.  We seem to be having a monsoon season here, and I must say, I’m getting a little tired of it.  The chickens don’t seem to pay much attention, however, nor do the guineas.  Here’s a couple of keets from two different age groups. . .

Two Guinea Keets Of Different Ages

They’re starting to look more like adults, and a whole lot less like babies.

The mutant chimera chick was getting a share of the grain.  It’s still looks strange.

The Chimera Chicken Bird Chick

Noticeable in his absence, however, is the lone white rooster running around in the pastures.  We caught his compatriots a few nights back and put them in a pen by themselves.   He was roosting in a catalpa tree by the sheep shed with some other chickens.  The Farmer got hold of him, but did not KEEP hold of him and the rooster escaped.  I guess the rooster figures he doesn’t want anywhere near us in case we try catching him again!

Out in the main pasture I can see some of the trees in the neighbor’s yard have turned color.

Tree with red leaves.

The colder, rainy weather has brought down a lot of leaves.  Most of which are boring brown, like these in another neighbor’s driveway:

Fallen leaves in neighbor's driveway.

In spite of fall being here, there is still lots of green grass and grazing.  Keira and Cinnamon like to spend a big part of their day in the main pasture, munching up on the grass.  Samson is also out there, but doesn’t seem to worry about being so close by these days.  I’m hoping Keira is already carrying a cria.

Llama And Goat

The dogs were out playing this morning, but as soon as they saw me with the camera they stopped.  They were more interested in what I was doing.

Maremma Neffie and American Working Farmcollie Toby

Neffie is the white dog, our Maremma.  Toby is an American Working Farmcollie, though I think he’d rather play than work.

Walking back to the house I noticed there are still berries on the Tea Viburnum.

Tea Viburnum (Viburnum setigerum) in autumn.

The camellia bush still has a lot of blooms and even buds, along with numerous visiting bees (or hornets or whatever they happen to bee).

Camellia ( Winter's Star Camellia ) and bee.

And now I BEE-lieve that’s enough pictures for today!

Comparing Walnuts To Apples

September 2, 2009

I just took a letter out to put in the mailbox.  On the way back, I was kicking walnuts out of the driveway.  It occurred to me as I was doing this, “These things are as big as apples!”

So I decided to compare walnuts to apples and see if I was right.  I got a Red Delicious Apple and a Jazz apple, and put the walnut smack dab between them.

Comparing Apples To Walnuts (

Yep, I do believe I’m right. Those walnuts ARE as big as apples!

It looks like we’re going to have a bumper crop of black walnuts this year.  These came from a smaller tree along side our driveway.  We have 4 or 5 HUGE black walnut trees in the back yard.  It’s like trying to walk over a carpet of tennis balls or something out there!

Too bad our fruit crop isn’t as good.  Our fruit trees don’t have near as much fruit as they did last year.  My dad was mentioning the same thing about his fruit trees back in West Virginia.  They were positively loaded last year, but not much fruit this year.  Maybe they decided they needed a rest.

But walnuts, we’ve got lots of those!

What Happened To Spring?

April 15, 2009

The skies are a dreary gray, and it’s in the 50’s.  So what happened to our nice spring weather?

Still, I know it must be springtime, because all those wonderful spring flowers are blooming.  I saw some bluebells earlier this month.

Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia virginica)

I’ve never seen any in our woods here, but I planted some in one of our shady flowerbeds.  They’re properly called Mertensia virginica, or Virginia Bluebells.

Not far from them, the Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum commutatum) started blooming a couple of weeks later.

Solomon's Seal (Polygonatum commutatum)

They’re still going strong, although the Bluebells have pretty much died off.

However, the Lenten Rose (Helleborus Royal Heritage Strain)  is still blooming like crazy.

Lenten Rose (Helleborus Royal Heritage Strain)

It blooms for a long time!

And I know it must be spring, because the dogwood trees in the woods are blooming, and the little ones in our front yard have a few blooms, too.

Red Dogwood (Cornus florida ‘Cherokee Chief’)

We have a white one and this red one, a Cherokee Chief variety.

In the front flower beds, there are azaleas budding out, clematis starting to grow, plus “wild” geraniums, iris and beebalm.  There’s also a little white flower formally known as Anemone pulsatilla, but also known as Pasque Flower, Wind Flower, Meadow Anemone, Passe Flower and Easter Flower.

Anemone pulsatilla

I can understand why it’s called Easter Flower since in bloomed at just the right time for Easter.

The Bugleweed (Ajuga reptans) is also full of blooms, with one of the many hostas growing up through it.

Bugleweed (Ajuga reptans)

Of course, this is a just a smattering of the flowers blooming around here.  It’s one thing I’ve had a hard time getting used to living here in the south – all the flowers just seem to bloom at once instead of a succession of blooms.

Okay, they don’t really ALL bloom at the same time, but to have iris and azalea and dogwoods and Lenten roses all blooming at the same time just seems a little strange to me.  There was more of a sequence where I grew up.

At any rate, the flowers are blooming, so even if it’s cold and dreary outside, it must really still be spring!