A man and his dog. . .

February 21, 2011

The Farmer and I were out measuring the pond this weekend.  He needed to calculate how big it is so he’d know how many fish he needs to order to stock it.  It’s not as big as he thought I’m afraid!

Anyway, while he was waiting on me to come outside, he and his best buddy, Toby, were resting.

picture of man and farm collie dog

A man and his dog!

You can see The Farmer has a big reel of measuring tape there we used to get the width and length of the pond.  It’s in the shape of an ELLIPSE, so my mathematical genius Farmer had to use some special whiz-bang calculations to figure out the size.

Now to find someone who sells fish in smaller quantities.  We don’t need lots of 100!

The Snowy South

January 12, 2011

It’s even colder today than it’s been all week.  The snow is not going to melt any time soon from the looks of it.  Our local weatherman informs us that this is the third largest snowstorm in history for this area, the first being 1963, then 1988. 

I wasn’t here for either of those snowstorms, but The Farmer was.  He says he remembers the one in 1963 well.  Having just moved here from Wichita, Kansas, the snow didn’t seem unusual to him at the time.  Now after living in the south so many years, he knows better, ha!

We took a ruler outside with us and measured snow all over the place.

picture of ruler in snow

Measuring Snow on top of wellhouse.

Most of the places we measured showed around 7-inches of snow.  Although some places measured a little more, and our neighbors swear we got 8-inches of snow, 7 was the average around here.

The guineas and chickens hate the snow.  The chickens have mostly stayed put in the sheds, but the guineas get out and fly from tree to tree.

picture of guinea in tree

Guinea flying up into snowy tree.

Some of the guineas even flew up on the windowsills to check things out.

picture of guinea sitting on windowsill

Guinea peeking in window after snowstorm.

The snow doesn’t bother the sheep or llama, and even our goat doesn’t seem to mind getting out in it. 

The Farmer and Toby and I enjoyed tromping through the woods and checking out the snow.  Here’s a video with pictures I took from around our snow covered farm:

This last picture I took this morning when The Farmer and Toby were walking around the far side of the pond.

picture of man and black and white farm collie

Farmer and Farm Collie in the snow.

All this snow reminds me more of when I lived in West Virginia or Iowa or northern Ohio.  It’s been fun for a while, but I’m glad we don’t have to deal with this much snow on a regular basis.

No more snowmageddons in the south please!

Back from the vet. . .

September 23, 2010

Yes, it was that time again. Toby needed his annual shots. So off we went to the vet.  Except for the doing wasn’t near as easy as the telling. Toby is a farm dog so the only time he leaves the place is to go to the vet. Once a year. Hmmmm…

I figured we’d have trouble getting him into the vet’s office. What I did NOT expect was that he wouldn’t want to get in the truck. I don’t remember having such trouble getting him into the truck before, but then, it has been over a year.

At any rate, when cajoling, commands and food bribery all failed, eventually I lifted the front end and the Cave Geek got the back end, and we got him lifted up into the truck enough so that he scrambled in the rest of the way.

Happily, he was actually eager to go into the vet’s office. (Maybe he remembers she has treats?) As long as he could explore and come over for a pet now and then, he was happy.

photo of dog

"Pet me, pet me!"

He wasn’t too thrilled about the second shot, however.  He squirmed around and knocked the needle out… I had to get a firmer grip and the vet got it all in the next go round.

And he actually lost 5 pounds!  As many treats as he eats, I was afraid he’d have gained weight.

Must be all that chasing rabbits (he never catches).

Friday’s Farm Fotos

September 17, 2010

I can NOT believe September is half over already.  Time flies?  No, I think it’s traveling at warp speed, at least warp 10 or something!

Anyway, here we are at another Friday, and here we have some pictures from around the farm this week.

The hummingbirds are still hanging around.  Here’s one high up in a tree. . .

photo of hummingbird in tree

Keeping an eye on things.

This little hummer seems to be watching his bigger wild bird cousins having a wild party in the local watering hole. . .

photo of birds in bath

Splish, splash, I was takin' a bath!

But the little hummingbird isn’t the only fowl creature  keeping watch. . .

photo of chicken bird

I need to keep an eye on things.

She’s not so interested in what the wild birds are doing, but checking out what her guy is doing at the local bird pub. . .

photo of rooster & bird

"Do you come here often?"

But she needn’t worry he’s going to make friends with some wild chick.  Instead he just gets his drink, then leaves.

photo of rooster flying

"Must fly!"

While the birds are refreshing themselves, the farm collie is just taking it easy and napping in the shade.

photo of farm collie

Forget the bird fiesta, it's time for a dog siesta!

Of course, all I have to do is whisper “mailbox” and he’s up and ready to run out the driveway.  Unfortunately, that often means the neighbor’s dog, Gracie, has to rush over and get all hysterical.

photo of dogs

Gracie having hissy fits.

Generally speaking, Toby ignores her.  He acts like she doesn’t even exist, except when she starts bugging him, he always does this one thing. . .

I’m sure he’s just marking his territory and not telling her to… uh, yeah.

And for another week whizzed by, that’s the way it is on the farm.

What’s For Supper?

September 2, 2010

Maybe animals can’t talk, but they can sure get their message across.  I mean, why do you suppose Toby is carrying around a food bowl?

farm collie with food bowl

"What's for supper?"

Maybe if I run closer to the feed room. . .

black and white farm collie

"Maybe if I get closer to the feed room..."

I’m right in front of the feed room, soooooo…..

farm collie with blue food bowl in mouth

"Okay, I made it to the feed room. Where's the food?"

Now if he could just learn to feed himself. . .